Beyond Darkness | Christian Poem

I thought I could fly when I fell. I thought I could heal when broken.   Through His wings, I flew. By His hand, I healed.   Miserable and forgotten, No! Not I! Loved and by Him spoken for, tis I!   Rain may come down and drench the land. But my home is dry… Continue reading Beyond Darkness | Christian Poem


Another Sleepless Night

This is dedicated to anyone who has experienced these kinds of nights. Sleepless nights vary in degree and I wanted to capture some of them in this poem. For those under the wings of Jesus, His followers, the battle has only begun! DO NOT GIVE UP!   Another night with shadows up against the wall.… Continue reading Another Sleepless Night


I Get Nervous About Writing Christian Posts

Last week I wrote a post on my main blog that I was afraid of. I didn't know how fellow Christians would react to it, and I knew people who are supportive of the practice could possibly get upset. Post | Visionaries & Vision Boards| Warning To Christians Despite this, I knew God placed the… Continue reading I Get Nervous About Writing Christian Posts