Play-Doh Origin | Friday Fact (3)

Play-Doh was originally created to help clean walls. Created in the 1930s, it was originally made to help coal residue get off of walls. But when people started switching to natural gas instead of using coal, the company needed to come up with a way to save the business. Thus marketing it to school children… Continue reading Play-Doh Origin | Friday Fact (3)


Motivational Monday | Balance

There is something called "balance" and we need more of it. It's good to be cautious, but not too cautious. It's okay to be concerned and worried about certain things, but not extensively and without reason. We need to be confident, but not arrogant. Only we know what levels are too much in our lives… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Balance


Do We Deserve The Title We Call Ourselves| Writer’s Thoughts

I apologize for those of you who saw today's feature image and no words last week, I got sick and wasn't able to complete the post by the scheduled date.   Welcome back!! I wrote the first part of this two week's ago. Post | Aren’t Books Published? | Writer’s Frustration It had to deal with people,… Continue reading Do We Deserve The Title We Call Ourselves| Writer’s Thoughts