Do Not Shove Feelings | Writer’s Thoughts

I had some posts I needed to write for the upcoming week. This is the fifth post I'm writing today 🙂 Something that helps me write is having noise in the background. I've gotten pretty well at tuning out everything while I read and write. If I'm not listening to music, sometimes I will have… Continue reading Do Not Shove Feelings | Writer’s Thoughts


10 Things Small Town Locals Can Relate To

I came up with this post idea in March 2017. Wow, it's been quite a while. Most of it was written, but I just never finished and posted. I thought this would be a fun post. and I hope most of these are relateable 🙂 #1- Village Not all towns are big enough to be… Continue reading 10 Things Small Town Locals Can Relate To


Burdens To Children We Give

Oh, that innocence would stay. Linger beneath stronger than words would say. Our idealism we pass to you. Adulthood lies become your truth. Your sunshine. We cloud. Your happiness. We shroud. "Grow up!" We shout. "I don't want to!" You pout. Heavy darkness mingles your dreams. Hatred grows. An unplanned scheme. What have we made you?… Continue reading Burdens To Children We Give

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Trying To Help Others & Becoming A Better Person | Sharing My Life

Okay, I admit it. One of my flaws as a person is that I don't always like sharing something that took me a while to figure out. You might know what I'm talking about. Someone was just like you, but they, unlike you and I, asked for help, and for some reason that MAY rub… Continue reading Trying To Help Others & Becoming A Better Person | Sharing My Life


Motivational Monday | Accept Change

Imagine running a race, and not being able to continue any longer. We fall to our knees. Perhaps panicked. Breathing heavy while we try to catch our breath against the sting of our throats. Then someone hands us a water bottle and pulls us to our feet. "Just walk," he says. "Just keep taking one step… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Accept Change