Winter Depression | Collab

Today is a collab with fellow blogger, Athena. We both decided to write poems based on inspiring and encouraging others. You can check out her poem here and her blog here. I thought with it being winter that it meant be helpful to have a poem that touches on the darkness of winter depression but… Continue reading Winter Depression | Collab


I Sit Here By The Window

I sit here by the window. Watching the snowflakes float down. Some fierce, some peaceful. Others shaped wonky or round.   I sit here by the window And hear the chatter of neighbors. Screams as children dodge the flurries. Laughter as a young pup shakes and shivers.   I sit here by the window. Surrounded… Continue reading I Sit Here By The Window

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Swamp Thing | Stories Inspired By Life

Had I really gone that long without washing my hair? My hands limply lift up strands of my straight brown hair, which due to its natural oiliness, looked extremely dark brown. "Did you dye your hair," my friend once asked me after meeting me shortly after a day of shampooing. "Nope," I smile with a… Continue reading Swamp Thing | Stories Inspired By Life


Community Headlines | October’18

Fall is falling around us. Here are some posts I've enjoyed this month. Running The Race- Migraine Chronicles: A Pragmatic Approach To Pain- Heather shares a wonderful solution when it comes to dealing with pain. She discusses the importance of making a pain scale and sticking with it. Your Mercies New- Baby Trees- This post… Continue reading Community Headlines | October’18

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How To Identify Spam Comments & Not Sound Like Spam

Spam comments, if not obvious, can cause some problems for bloggers. You don't want to click on a site that may be full of a virus. You don't want to email someone who may try to send you a virus or make you pay money. And in saying that we also do not want to… Continue reading How To Identify Spam Comments & Not Sound Like Spam