Are We Too Entitled When It Comes To Our Feelings?

When things don't go the way we want them to, how often does that completely throw us off? It's like we can be switches in this day and age. One thing happens and we are thrown out of control. One comment is made, with no ill will, and we are upset or angry. There is a… Continue reading Are We Too Entitled When It Comes To Our Feelings?

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Mistakes I Made When I First Started Blogging Pt. 1

I'm getting close to my first 100 followers on this blog, and I thought it would be interesting to cover mistakes when I was first learning my blogs and how to blog on both of mine. Man, have I learned a lot!!! I hope for those of you who are newer, this could help you… Continue reading Mistakes I Made When I First Started Blogging Pt. 1

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Motivational Monday | Pessimist Perspective

It seems easy to let our perspective be rained down by clouds of negativity. For as much as we may try to plan out our life, the year, or even today, things will not always go the way we want them to. And when they don't, it can get upsetting. It's hard when we don't… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Pessimist Perspective


Finland | Learning One Country At A Time

Following a neighboring country we recently covered, Norway, Finland is close by. Government Finland is parliamentary republic within representative democracy. The most powerful person is the prime minister. Interesting Facts Finland has 187,888 lakes, and documented to have the most amount of lakes in the world (other countries have not all been accounted for). Within these… Continue reading Finland | Learning One Country At A Time


Throw Back Post- Childlike Thanks

As we in the states have just celebrated Thanksgiving, and I’ve been planning on slowly reblogging older posts so that readers won’t have to scroll to the beginning. I think this would be a good one to start with.

We really need to work on actively giving thanks daily, and it’s important to be childlike in this manner.

Like a teacher asking a child, “What are you thankful for this year?”

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Have a beautiful weekend!

What Shouldn’t Be Once A Year

Thanksgiving is soon coming upon us. Often I’ve questioned the social media usage of only giving thanks during the month of November. Or at least make it known to relatives and friends. But this is not the true purpose of giving thanks. It isn’t about being recognized by others.

More often than not we are surrounded by the people and things (yep materials) that we should be grateful for. Every single day. Not just a particular day or month. But sometimes we have to be forced or coaxed to consider what we have because we have taken our lives for granted.

During times of great stress it is a welcomed opportunity to take a breath and be thankful for what we have, even when we are going through a hard time. Stress can make us feel bitter and helpless. But if we open our eyes to what…

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Self Happiness Is But A Dream | Write Through It

This probably sounds like an odd title. I hear from multiple bloggers and writers the phrase, "Write what makes you happy."  The push for self happiness is real in this world, and unfortunately, I think sometimes it becomes a crutch for writers. Writers I think sometimes become entitled to happiness. "I deserve to be happy… Continue reading Self Happiness Is But A Dream | Write Through It

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Motivational Monday | Don’t Wait To Be Served, Serve

In a large table setting, at least in America, it is courteous to pass food around to each other. Depending on the family, and background, sometimes people will be served entirely by one individual, in fact, everyone will be served first before this individual sits down to eat. Often times, others get done before this… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Don’t Wait To Be Served, Serve


Benefits Of Turkey | Feeling Fine Friday

Are you Americans preparing for Thanksgiving? I know I am...not...really...prepared. Cough Anyway...I originally was thinking of a different food to cover, but then was like, "Thanksgiving is coming up, what are the benefits of turkey?"  So this will be today's adventure, sit right back, strap your seatbelt in, and uh...if you aren't in a car,… Continue reading Benefits Of Turkey | Feeling Fine Friday