How My Christian “Friends” Hurt Me

  The Truth Hurts It's simple. It's about connection. Connection of interests. Connection of compatibility. Are the sparks there? As much as the world focuses on the key factors of what makes a romantic relationship last, most of those same factors relate when it comes to friendships. And it's something preschool teachers try to shield… Continue reading How My Christian “Friends” Hurt Me

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Be Childlike When Giving Thanks

What Shouldn't Be Once A Year Thanksgiving is soon coming upon us. Often I've questioned the social media usage of only giving thanks during the month of November. Or at least make it known to relatives and friends. But this is not the true purpose of giving thanks. It isn't about being recognized by others.… Continue reading Be Childlike When Giving Thanks

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Bird Update 2 | Prayer To Feed God’s Sparrows

Earlier on I wrote with excitement about feeding a turtledove I've named Gary. Well...let me update everyone on my bird stats! (Cough, this is who I thought was a Blue Jay.)  I've seen a Blue Jay...but she is extremely skittish. (Update months later: So sorry, so she was a Cardinal. Yep, that's what I get… Continue reading Bird Update 2 | Prayer To Feed God’s Sparrows

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Writer Rant | Thoughts When You Feel Alone

*SHOUT OUT TO NaNoWriMo writers* National Novel Writing Month Writer's Loneliness As I sit here, my thoughts wander. Mind goes through a mental checklist of chores I've prepped. Laundry, some tidying up, and putting things away. The very moment when dread sinks in...why aren't you writing? *makes face of disgust* I don't know if there are… Continue reading Writer Rant | Thoughts When You Feel Alone