Weeks 1-3 Container Gardening 2021 Update

Let me go grab my notebook, not that you have to wait. Okay, got it!

The soil I am using currently is a potting soil – brand STA Green, with Aqua Guard. I’m also using peat moss, and leaves that I collected in November. I’m hoping to get a post out, eventually, on resources I’ve used for planning a garden and how to plan for next year.

As I shared last time, “This past Sunday, I planted basil, spinach, tomatoes, peas, sweet peppers, semi-zinnias, and snapdragon.“ 

Well, a lot can happen in three weeks. I’ve planted some more seeds, but first let’s focus on this initial group.

Week 1

Day 1

  • Each starter pot contained 3 seeds (unless extra fell in). I planted – Snapdragon (3), Roma Tomatoes (6, 3 seeds in one pot, 2 pots total), Cherry Large Tomatoes (6, just like Roma), Alaskan Peas (3), Little Marvel Peas (3), Sweet Peppers California Wonder (3), Sweet Peppers Pretty N Sweet (3), Basil Sweet Italian (3), Semi-Dwarf Zinnia (3), and Baby Spinach (3).

Day 4/5

  • 1st seed to pop through soil – Semi-Dwarf Zinnia,

2nd seed – Alaskan Pea

  • Seed- 2nd & 3rd Semi-Dwarf Zinnia (all Zinnias have sprouted)

Day 6

  • Tomatoes started sprouting. Out of 12 seeds (6 Roma and 6 cherry) – 2 Roma and 2 Cherry sprouted

Day 7

  • Seeds that sprouted- (3, all) Basil, (3) Large Cherry, (5) Roma, (1st) Little Marvel Pea, and last Alaskan pea
  • Thinning- Plucked off 2 extra Roma plants for more room, Plucked off 1 large cherry
  • Casualty – Pot of Baby Spinach fell. I was able to save about half of the soil. I planned to wait and see what would come. If nothing emerged within a week, I’d plant more. One looked to be close to sprouting.

Week 2

Day 8

  • (1st) Snapdragon sprouted

Day 9

  • (1st) Baby Spinach sprouted
  • Note: Started a little fan on the Alaskan Peas and Tomatoes
  • Transplanted: (2) Alaskan Peas to a pot 7 in depth and 10 in diameter

Day 10

  • Note: Pea Transplants were adjusting.
  • Sprouted – Snapdragon (2nd)
  • True Leaves – All Zinnias were growing their first set of true leaves, Pot 5 (Roma) all were growing true leaves, as well.

Day 11

  • Sprouted – Sweet Pepper California Wonder (2)

Day 12

  • Added more sticks to Transplanted Alaskan Peas

Day 14

  • Sprouted – Sweet Peppers Pretty N Sweet (1), Baby Spinach (2nd)
  • Note: Used twine to help Transplanted Alaskan Peas adjust to sticks.

Week 3

Day 15

  • Transplanted: 7 tomatoes (2 Roma and 2 Cherry got pots that when the plants get bigger they will be transplanted again. But 2 Cherry and 1 other Roma were placed in clean 2 gallon plastic containers. I have seen tomato plants grow in narrow spaces, as long as they have depth. The fruit is smaller, but it’s doable.) Also transplanted 3 Zinnia.
  • Note: Made a homemade trellis for later cucumber plants

Day 18

  • Sweet Peppers Pretty N Sweet (2nd) sprouted
  • True Leaves: All Basil has true leaves

Day 21 & Day 1 (Dill)

  • Transplanted: 2 Baby Spinach into two 7 inch depth and 8 inch diameter square pots. Moved 3 Basil into a planter box. Moved 2 California Wonder into one 7 inch depth, 10 inch diameter pot.
  • Planted: Dill (Mammoth Island)

Currently, it’s Day 24, 4, and 3. I planted more Little Marvel Peas on Easter Sunday. Hoping more sprout and hoping the dill sprouts soon. I am now in the process of some plants hardening off so they can go outdoors. I live in Zone 4, and so my cool weather plants, like peas and spinach I plan to harden off. I do have some tomatoes though, as well. My tomatoes held on last fall, and I wonder if tomatoes can do well in 40 degree weather.

It’s interesting to me that the seeds not container-friendly took off first, like the Alaskan Peas compared to Little Marvel. But time will tell.

I hope the plants harden off well! I also hope I do not have issues with wasps. I’m investing in some fake nests, it’s suppose to help wasps stay away, since they are territorial.

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