Garden Update (Sorry For Prolonged Delay)

This garden had me worried, which was partly why I did not want to write about what was happening. However, it’s been some months, and by June the plants had adjusted. I had adjusted to some problems I was dealing with.

So, let’s catch up.

Honestly, every year, I get worried in the beginning stages. The seeds can do so well, at first, and then struggle later. Transitioning from indoor to outdoor scares me because the location we live in is extremely windy, at times.

So, the current garden I am growing (including the remaining flower plants that are indoors.)

– Tomatoes (5) – 3 Cherry & 2 Roma
– Cucumbers (6)- 1 Muncher & 5(ish) of Pick a Bushel
– Green Beans 12(ish)- Kitchen King
– Basil – Sweet Italian (3)
– Dill (1)
– Peppers (2) – Pretty N Sweet
– Green Onions (Bought from grocery store and just planted in garden)- Maybe 10 (ish)
– Pansies (1)
– Marigolds (??) – I planted 2 kinds and I planted multiple seeds in case chipmunks dug them up
– Zinnias (Semi-Dwarf) – These zinnias are almost 5 ft tall. The back of the package claimed they were supposed to be 18-24 inches. I have 3 zinnias indoors and about 3 or more growing outside.
– Cosmos (2) indoors

I did grow sweet peas, they finally stopped growing, I think early to mid July. They are a cool weather plant, so I may start to grow more.

Spinach did not work for me. The wind kept whipping it and breaking the stem. I probably could have let it grow more indoors. Ohio stays cold up to Mother’s Day or later. So, unlike some states, I can grow cool weather plants longer.

Brussels Sprouts did not work for me. But with the problems I had with chipmunks, maybe I wouldn’t have been ready for Brussels sprouts, just yet. Same with the strawberries.

Roma Tomatoes I keep getting blossom rot. This relates to inconsistent watering, which I am guilty of. We have been getting on and off rain, so I thought I didn’t need to check the soil as much. But I’ve picked off 10+ fruit because of blossom rot. All of my tomatoes are giving fruit though, so I am trying to be more consistent now. Cherry tomatoes have not been affected.

This is the first year I’ve been able to grow peppers. Last year, I had the plants in too small containers. This year the peppers, and much of the other plants, got an upgrade with their containers. I tried to find sizes that were recommended. The peppers have been smaller between an inch to two inches. But they taste similar to green peppers. Just a plain pepper taste with a nice crunch. I have two colors, green and a light green yellow.

Chipmunks have been an issue this year. They dug up my soil on a daily basis, which in turn affected quite a few of the plants, killing them. I’m going to write up a post, after this one, on what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Hopefully, you receive it sooner than later. I did find a solution that has been most efficient, and it’s not too expensive, just really time consuming. The more pots you have, the more this is going to cost and the more time this is going to take.

This is also the first year that I’ve grown more than one cucumber plant and this is the first year I have an abundance of cucumbers. I believe I have over 9 cucumbers in the fridge currently. One day, I harvested 6.

These cucumbers are smaller, more between four to six inches. Perfect for pickling, which I might have to look into.

My plan for the garden that I started dreaming up in February has pretty much come to pass. The balcony is surrounded in green, and the plants have grown enough to where it’s a little more private. I literally sit under a canopy of green. The cucumber leaves have taken over a little bit, which makes the area more beautiful, in my opinion.

I have been getting a few pollinators, particularly a bumblebee. Little dude appears like clockwork each day. I usually see him after 11 am in the morning. He sometimes comes back a few times. But he seems to avoid my female flowers, most of the time. So, I don’t know if he is lazy or smart knowing those are the flowers HE needs to pollinate. They don’t have pollen, really.

Last year, wasps were an issue. As I shared in my last post, I found a cheap, fake, hornet’s nest I put up each morning behind our balcony window. I don’t know if wasps can even see through the glass. But, either it works, or the wasps have moved on this year. (Something online said wasps do not like seeing hornet’s nests.) Bumblebee is not affected. (Their nests are on the ground, and are not similar to hornets or wasps.)

Usually, the wasps I typically see are some mud dabbers (is that what they are called?) and these dudes eat wasps. So, while they look terrifying, they are not aggressive much. Still, I stay behind the door while they look around. (Same with the bumble.)

I want to do a post on all the supplies I gathered for this year’s garden. But one cheap option for stakes can be found in the craft section. I got some wooden rods to help the plants, especially my newer flower plants that started growing outside.

All in all, every year I have done a garden there is excitement, worry, sadness, and then more excitement, along with a bit of hard work. Next year, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do a garden, so, I’m glad at least this summer I’ve done the biggest one yet.

(NKJV) Proverbs 16:26, “The person who labors, labors for himself, for his hungry mouth drives him on.”

How is YOUR garden growing? Any tips or tricks you’ve learned along the way? Let me know below.

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2 thoughts on “Garden Update (Sorry For Prolonged Delay)

    1. One issue I had was thinking I could figure it all out in one summer. Gardening is a process. There’s a lot to learn. Each plant is better known not only with knowledge on the plant but through experience. It takes time. Some plants are easier than others. Some need sunlight all the time, some need shade. There’s a bit of research that goes into it, and trial and error. 🙂 I think anyone can grow plants if they know how. And there are some plants that are drought and disease resistant, so there’s definitely plants out there that are low maintenance if that is preferred. Really neat!!!

      I bet your sister has a lot to share 🙂 It’s always such a blessing to give from your own garden!!!

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