What Is Peeking Beneath?

Peeking Beneath is my second blog.

Inside Cup is my main blog, and I knew I didn’t have enough space to share everything I wanted to in one blog. It would have divided the spotlight of what I wanted the focus to be.

Peeking Beneath I made originally to share more posts about my life, but gradually it has also allowed me to continue to have inspirational posts, but also help/give suggestions in other areas of life.

Sometimes helping with ways to be frugal. Suggestions for home care, being a housewife.

Sometimes learning about skincare, makeup, and how to take care of our bodies.

Weekly learning and sharing topics regarding blogging and writing.

Peeking Beneath is meant to go beyond the individual, but to connect with others. To go beyond what it means to be healthy, but to understand the hows and whys of its importance both physically, and mentally.

To go beneath the surface of what we think we know and understand it.

To look back on the people and memories of who and why we got to where we are now.

To peek beneath what originally cannot be seen.

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