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Write With Me | Not Content

Happy Week 8 Of Writing! This week's writing prompts shared a theme of not being content. Enjoy and let me know what you can come up with. Sunday Words: Angel, Fat, Catch, Wind She wished he were the angel she imagined. But chance lay heavy against the truth. Fat notebooks filled to the brim with… Continue reading Write With Me | Not Content


10 Things Not Understood About Creative People

If you don't walk in our footprints, then you'll never see what we see. As this blog discusses creativity, there are bound to be some quirks, thoughts, and habits you share as a creative person, but others, who don't, won't understand. Being different means not being ashamed of what you enjoy. Being "different" does not always mean… Continue reading 10 Things Not Understood About Creative People


10 Habits You May Experience as a Writer

#Youarenotalone As a writer, you may develop some interesting (or unhealthy) habits. But what the rest of the world doesn't understand is that this is what makes us who we are! Or at least...me. 1. An uncanny sense to procrastinate. Please don't be confused this with "normal" procrastination. No. This procrastination takes an extremely special… Continue reading 10 Habits You May Experience as a Writer


Write With Me | Week 5

Happy Week Five Of Writing! If you've been following, we have entered into the beginning of the second month of writing prompts. Keep your imagination alive, and let's write together! Sunday  Words: Stew, Big, Force, Inspire             Bubbling stew brewed over the medium heat. The vent shook creating a forceful hum in the kitchen. Big… Continue reading Write With Me | Week 5