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Write With Me | We Are A Unit

Happy Week 17! This week has been interesting. Trying to work on portion control, daily exercise, and eyeing my husband's cookies. WordPress has been giving me some difficulties, but at the end of the week figured out it was a browser issue. So Chrome is on my computer just in case. I still want my… Continue reading Write With Me | We Are A Unit


When People Walk Over You

It's frustrating. One day they are fine, and then the next they snap at you. It's all your fault. Your opinions don't matter. Your feelings don't matter. It hurts. What can you do? Do you really want to know because it's pretty simple? Find your voice. Speak up, when people try to shut you down.… Continue reading When People Walk Over You

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Write With Me | Mother’s Work

Happy Week Sixteen! Sunday- Saturday Words Cabinet, Committee Month, Mall Imagination, Delight Phone, King Government, Method Priority, Tradition Energy, Storage Mother's Work Another committee meeting, she rushed late with her three-year-old son in the backseat. Rain pelted against her umbrella, while he squealed delightedly in her arms. "Well, at least you're happy," she thought. Phones were ringing… Continue reading Write With Me | Mother’s Work


Memory Lane | Driving With Dad

I wrote last week in Provoking Poetry | Sweet Silent Thought about the power of memory. The gift we have through memory. Reliving the past. Dreaming once more. Most of the moments I capture within my heart and treasure are fairly simple. There isn't much extravagance. I want to share with you my favorite memories, and have… Continue reading Memory Lane | Driving With Dad


Quality Quote | Sloth or Diligent

"Diligence overcomes difficulties; sloth makes them." - Benjamin Franklin (Poor Richard's Almanack, November 1755) You can probably relate to this in one way or another. I know I can. The more I did daily exercising, the easier it was to stay consistent. But as soon as I stopped for even one day, or two, then… Continue reading Quality Quote | Sloth or Diligent

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Write With Me | A Painter In Her Father’s Shop

Welcome To Week Fifteen Of Writing! This past week my husband had dental work done. I had the scare of forgetting to pay our rent receiving a three-day notice on our door. Praise God, I felt the need to open the door at the time. Paid the rent, and checked with the office, we are… Continue reading Write With Me | A Painter In Her Father’s Shop


Provoking Poetry | Sweet Silent Thought

When To The Sessions Of Sweet Silent Thought, Written by: William Shakespeare  Have you ever missed someone? Do you relish reliving the past? Well if you have, you wouldn't be alone. These aren't unfamiliar territories. Roads often walked in the stillness of the day. Under the falling sun, or the rising of the moon. The… Continue reading Provoking Poetry | Sweet Silent Thought

Writing Prompts

Write With Me | Scene: Timmy’s Car Ride

Happy Week Fourteen! This week's prompt worked into the longest piece I've written for a prompt. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep on writing, and enjoy a little time with Timmy. Timmy's Car Ride  Heat radiated against the car. The draggy road trip continued past the blurry windows of shops. During the daylight hours, Timmy leaned… Continue reading Write With Me | Scene: Timmy’s Car Ride