I HATED Being Called Bubble Girl

Innocence. My innocence was a joke. I didn't know curse words. I didn't know much about worldly pleasures. And this was something my friends in school lightly teased me about. To this day my friends joke about this. But it was never something I enjoyed. In fact, when I was younger, I tried to "learn"… Continue reading I HATED Being Called Bubble Girl


Why It Isn’t “Happy” Memorial Day

A holiday to remember those who gave their lives while active. They never retired. They never came back for their family and friends. They never got to have a homecoming, a barbecue with those who love them. While there will be laughter on this day, there will also be tears and heartache. Never forget. Teach… Continue reading Why It Isn’t “Happy” Memorial Day

Writing Prompts

Write With Me | Late Night Work

Happy Week 22! We have reached the end of May. How is that possible? This month has been flying by. Working on my series timeline, and getting ahead with blog posts. This week's words  Possibility, Throat, Performance, Computer, Mode, Depth, Reception Late Night Work  "Why don't you take a break," her roommate gently asked before leaving her alone. Minutes after the… Continue reading Write With Me | Late Night Work


Quality Quote | Lingering Bitterness

"Lead us not into the temptation of believing that we have truly forgiven, while rancor lingers." Katherine Zell. "Den Psalmen Misere," 1558  Rancor means resentfulness or bitterness. How often do we struggle with this? Do we tell people we've forgiven them when we truly haven't? Anger still burns within us at the thoughts of the… Continue reading Quality Quote | Lingering Bitterness