Problems Of Making Friends | Social Politeness

I am a, "What you see is what you get," kinda person. If I want to make friends, I'm all over it. I'll make effort. I'll try to hang out. I'll become involved in reading posts, if the person is a blogger. I'm entirely open from the beginning. Probably jump a little too soon, and am… Continue reading Problems Of Making Friends | Social Politeness

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Write With Me | Overgrown & Hidden

Happy Week 26  This past week has been busy, but we are finally moving forward. Overgrown & Hidden (Inspired by Featured Image) Abandoned and isolated. Dim light peaked through the bare branches. No one had visited the place in years. Those who stopped visiting forgot. Those who never knew carried no guilt. Its story stopped… Continue reading Write With Me | Overgrown & Hidden


Friendship (Is Greater Than) Politics

Check out my lovely friend Rachel and her perspective. I know some of you are Anne of Green Gables fans. 🙂

The Buttercup Lamb


Earlier this year I discovered something unexpected about a beloved book series. I was reading Anne of Avonlea and came across an interesting passage. Given certain current events that occurred at the time, my mind was primed to catch all things political. And so I read…

“Diana’s father was a Liberal, for which reason she and Anne never discussed politics. Green Gables folk had always been Conservatives.”

(Anne of Avonlea, Chapter 18)

But are they the only ones? I picked apart the series to find out. Lets start in the beginning.

Marilla and Mrs. Rachel Lynde

How about these two? Marilla and Mrs. Rachel were two very unique individuals who proved to be opposites in more than a few ways.

In Anne of Green Gables, it states that it was likely because (and in spite of) these differences that their friendship remained through the years.

In chapter 18, they…

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Lessons My Dad Taught Me | Happy Father’s Day

Fathers are our teachers. Guiding us in the footsteps we should go. There are numerous lessons Dad gave me and continues to teach me, but I wanted to share some of them with you today. Life Gives You Stories So Make The Most Of It  My dad is a quiet man, but when he talks,… Continue reading Lessons My Dad Taught Me | Happy Father’s Day


Hurt The Ones Who Don’t Hurt You | Wake Up Call

Anyone stop by and see the title, but nothing else? I KNEW there was something I was forgetting, and it was this post. Le sigh. But hey, that's what life is about. Making mistakes, and picking ourselves up from them. Learning throng the experience. Which is something we all have to get better of. How… Continue reading Hurt The Ones Who Don’t Hurt You | Wake Up Call


Provoking Poetry | Calling Me Home

"All paths lead to you, Where e'er I stray." All Paths Lead To You- Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff    Though a short, this poem captures love quite well. It definitely relates for those of us who have had to experience a long distance relationship. Everything reminds you of that person. Through these, though happy or sad,… Continue reading Provoking Poetry | Calling Me Home