Friday Fact (1) | Benefit of Social Media

Research has shown people who stay in contact with friends and family tend to have less memory loss. It is said also we may live longer staying in contact with loved ones. So if you connect with friends and family on social media make sure to actually talk to them and know what's going on… Continue reading Friday Fact (1) | Benefit of Social Media

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Learning New Things | Life Chat

The feature image of today's post captures everything that I've been learning (and it's my twitter head). I have worked in Canva and the limits in Canva's free version, I've found in other places. Like transparency backgrounds! No worries! I still plan to have a post covering Canva, but I wanted to make sure I have a… Continue reading Learning New Things | Life Chat

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I Was Getting Burnt Out | Life Chat

Get yourself settled because I am on a roll to chat with you since my two-day break haha. I know...it's not long. But I wanted to share the direction I'll take with this blog, and just some things I've been thinking about 🙂  I plan to talk about this on my main blog also, but… Continue reading I Was Getting Burnt Out | Life Chat


Motivational Monday | Refine Your Ability

I often write about setting goals and completing goals. But something I don't talk often enough about is how we need to have the right attitude. People can achieve the same goals, but not everyone will achieve them at the same pace. Our abilities, whether gifted or not, should always continue to be refined. Wanting to become… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Refine Your Ability

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When Your Character Takes Control | Writer Thoughts

I have for a few years now been familiar with the discussion of "a character took control of my story."  It's a phenomenon in which you think you are in control as the writer and creator of your story, but then as the story progresses it goes in a direction you did not expect. I… Continue reading When Your Character Takes Control | Writer Thoughts

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5 Ways To Be Productive | Feeling Fine Friday

I know a number of bloggers who seek out ways to stay more productive, on top of the schedule and coming up with creativeness. And you don't have to be a blogger to want to stay on top of things. Boy, have I been there. I'm pretty sure I'm sitting in the park titled, The… Continue reading 5 Ways To Be Productive | Feeling Fine Friday