Motivational Monday | More Than Sight

Success is often determined by what is seen, or gained. It is often thought of in terms of $$$, popularity, authority, or power. Which honestly, all four are connected. Status symbols. Which makes it that much harder for many of us to truly see what our successes are compared with our failures. In our eyes,… Continue reading Motivational Monday | More Than Sight


Coconut Oil | Feeling Fine Friday

For months, I've been wanting to come up with a way I could talk about benefits of different foods, vitamins, oils, and maybe some self help ways to be healthier physically and mentally. I was inspired with this title just a few moments ago and now I have a series I can use, finally!!! :)… Continue reading Coconut Oil | Feeling Fine Friday


Blog Schedule | I “May” Have Figured It Out

Let's share the same brain waves for a moment. Here is what I am thinking. 🙂 Purpose of this blog. Share information I find interesting and may not be known. Help and connect to writers by discussing writing topics/blogging topics Share stories about my life that may bring a smile to someone's face or help… Continue reading Blog Schedule | I “May” Have Figured It Out

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What Kind Of Blog Do You Have | Genres of Blogging

A blog devoted to a particular topic tends to be in the category of a genre blog. It's extremely possible for a blogger to have more than one genre in a blog. Typically, it's good to have 1-3 different broad topics to cover in a blog, but whether or not all of these topics are… Continue reading What Kind Of Blog Do You Have | Genres of Blogging

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Motivational Monday | Be A Content Cookie

The cookie in the flour is happy to be baked.   The cookie in the window is happy watching others.   The cookie in bag is happy to travel.   The cookie in the hand is happy to be held.   The cookie with a bite is happy to make another smile. I know it's… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Be A Content Cookie


United Kingdom (1)| Learning One Country At A Time

(Little Announcement- I thought I could do this series weekly, but with the amount of research I put into learning, I realize this was a bit too ambitious. I will do this series every other week.) First thing everyone needs to know is that countries can contain countries. Kind of like the various states the… Continue reading United Kingdom (1)| Learning One Country At A Time