Better Prepared This Year (Container Garden 2020 Diary #1)

I shared a few weeks ago that I was preparing to have a container garden again this year, and I wanted to share some common issues/lessons I learned with you before sharing the current journey. Post | My Mistakes With Container Gardening (What I’ve Learned So Far) After writing that post, I was in the process… Continue reading Better Prepared This Year (Container Garden 2020 Diary #1)


Please, Give Me Compassion

I hear their annoyances. It annoys me. I hear their complaints. I want to complain.   They talk about their pain. I think of Yours. They say "don't judge me." I think of Your judgment.   They can't see with scales. They don't want to budge. I'm ready to push them off a cliff.  … Continue reading Please, Give Me Compassion