My Reaction To “Misunderstood” Comments

There are a lot of things I'm working through behind the scenes. Maybe...I need to expose that a bit. This post is a mix between things my spirit wants to initially "complain" about and then look at the real truth of the matter. I've been rebuked by others for me being open about this because… Continue reading My Reaction To “Misunderstood” Comments


Cheesy Pepperoni Quesadillas | Easy Cooking

I haven't had a recipe in a while. I first talked about these on my post¬†Ways To Get Creative With Tacos/Tortillas | Feeling Fine Friday. My husband is a picky eater and because of that I am limited to things I can come up with. However, this easy recipe can definitely adapt to what you… Continue reading Cheesy Pepperoni Quesadillas | Easy Cooking

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Revealing Backstory (Struggle & Excitement!) | MWJ

I have a test reader who is my most honest reader and sometimes that honesty is a little hard to bear. WHICH IS WHY I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR HER! In fact, that's why I'm grateful for all of my readers. Having perspective is key when writing a story, and I'm working on a series.¬†… Continue reading Revealing Backstory (Struggle & Excitement!) | MWJ