Write With Me | Week 4

Happy Week Four Of Writing! Join me and comment with your imaginative creations. Even if you don't want to do all seven, try at least one. Don't give up! Sunday Words: Scrawny, Direct, Moonlight, Oppose The whole garden opposed her. Scrawny and small leaves staying wound tight during the sun’s blissful hours. Unlike the others,… Continue reading Write With Me | Week 4

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Writing Reveals Insight and Fears

Steam dancing across my mug. Currently, Wednesday evening. January, though warm enough to let the windows be opened. Sky painted in faded gray-blues and light pinks. 5:30pm, and I am preparing to write my novel. But before I do, I wanted to touch base with you all. These past three weeks I have been consistent… Continue reading Writing Reveals Insight and Fears

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Opening a Blurry Window | My New Year (2017)

Life Is Like The Rain Sometimes life can really beat us down. It becomes such a chore to try to give effort, let alone create ambition to complete our dreams, goals, and projects. Some people take delight in rainy days, but often not. The grayscale picture fastens onto a blurry melancholy state. We relive failures… Continue reading Opening a Blurry Window | My New Year (2017)