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Motivational Monday | Begin

This week I am going to start implementing my plan of writing for at least thirty minutes on my book before blogging. Hopefully, the time helps me get started on the page and by the time 30 minutes are up I will either finish (which would be extremely quick) or engrossed in my writing to… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Begin


Do Not Shove Feelings | Writer’s Thoughts

I had some posts I needed to write for the upcoming week. This is the fifth post I'm writing today 🙂 Something that helps me write is having noise in the background. I've gotten pretty well at tuning out everything while I read and write. If I'm not listening to music, sometimes I will have… Continue reading Do Not Shove Feelings | Writer’s Thoughts

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10 Things I Don’t Understand About Blogging

This is just a short post that might be fun. 🙂 I hope you enjoy! 1. Why like a post if we don't read them?  How do we know if we agree with the post? 2. Why follow someone without reading a few posts first? How do we know if we actually support the blogger?… Continue reading 10 Things I Don’t Understand About Blogging

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Motivational Monday | Remain Calm

Worry is one of the worst neighbors to have in the neighborhood known as the mind. Especially if it happens to live next door. Or worse...trying to move in with you! One of my most hated songs of my childhood was, "Don't worry, be happy." (Mom found a radio station that played it 24 hours...enough… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Remain Calm