Quality Quote | Honesty Is Best With Feelings

This week's quote is one I can relate to. "Words may be false and full of art, sighs are the natural language of the heart." Thomas Shadwell, Psyche, 1675 No matter what kind of facade we try to put on, inwardly, our feelings and our thoughts reveal the truth of our state of being. We… Continue reading Quality Quote | Honesty Is Best With Feelings


Minimal Items To Have When Moving To A New Place | Housewife 101

My situation is this right now. We have our furniture, and most of our items in storage. Finally got a place, and have been able to move in. Only have few supplies I managed to save when we moved. We have gone two different times to the store, and upon returning home, something is needed.… Continue reading Minimal Items To Have When Moving To A New Place | Housewife 101


Quality Quote | Don’t Wait For Inspiration

I see this happen a lot with writers. We want inspiration. We want motivation. We wanting writing to be easier, when it isn't easy on us. Discipline and endurance are not good friends of ours. is discipline and endurance that helps us especially as writers. "Don't loaf and invite inspiration. Light out after it… Continue reading Quality Quote | Don’t Wait For Inspiration

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How Do I Get My Blog To Stand Out?

I'm working on changing the direction of this particular blog, as we speak. Some posts have gone over well, but a number hasn't. I know people get so discouraged as a writer, and having a blog can be no different. Let's talk about that. (Anyone else watch Good Mythical Morning?)  What can we do? First… Continue reading How Do I Get My Blog To Stand Out?


Provoking Poetry | What Makes Marriage

Marriage often gets painted in a picture too perfect for the beholder. We expect perfection. Flawlessness with no sign of effort. And this simply cannot be. We struggle to fix the flaws within ourselves, yet sometimes jump immediately to our partner's errors, ready to point each one out. Marriage isn't the act of perfection. It… Continue reading Provoking Poetry | What Makes Marriage


Blogging Friends “Ditching” Me | Blog Question

You know, I tend to take things WAY too seriously sometimes while being sensitive more than I should. I'm working on it. And this inspired me to talk about a fear I had when I started to meet some amazing bloggers from the community. Friendships I deeply care for. Joining this writing community has opened… Continue reading Blogging Friends “Ditching” Me | Blog Question


Quality Quote | Threat To Justice

I find it fitting that this is quote for the week. For those in America, we will be celebrating the Fourth of July. Our day of independence. A day of freedom. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr, Letter From Birmingham Jail, April 16th, 1963 For a much progress we've… Continue reading Quality Quote | Threat To Justice