Favorite Sites I Use For Character, Story Development & More

If you didn’t know, I’ve been having some issues with my laptop. Currently, I’m using a different computer my husband lovingly donated to my care. Which means all the websites, bookmarks, everything that I’ve stored for resources, is currently back to zero.

Should this ever happen again, it would be beneficial to me to have a place with these websites stored already. As I’m searching for sites, I have found some that are REALLY beneficial to have. I hope these help you on your writing journey.

1. Nameberry

This was one of the first sites I ever used when I started to look for character names. It’s wonderful at sharing name meanings and coming up with all sorts of names. Also, it includes a name generator.

2. Belly Ballot

This not only includes name meanings but also gives you the option to view names by ethnicity, which is pretty handy.

3. Behind The Name

Here you can also look up surname meanings, which I think is pretty awesome. You also have the option to specifically choose ethnicity.

4. Color Meanings

Color can play a major rule. It can be reflective of personality and have major symbolism. It also can inspire writers with ideas.

5. Character Trait List

These are all basic traits for characters with synonyms for those words. Positive and negative traits, included.

6. 638 Personality Traits 

Need ideas for developing characters? What does their personality look like? This list is AWESOME!

7. 350 Personality Traits 

I’ve read a few of the Writers Write articles, and they are always informative with great instructions. This list may be less than the previous, but they do share examples on how to apply the traits of a character in writing as well.

8. Epic Guide – Ultimate Character Chart

This chart is so THOROUGH! It covers everything you could think of for a character. If you think you know your character well, go over these questions. If you are creating a character, go over these questions. It definitely can inspire some new ideas for sure!

9. How to Outline Novel

This article goes over different methods on outlining, as well as things to consider overall for the novel.

10. Fellow Christian Blogger Outline

She’s not active currently on her blog. But I really enjoyed the list she shared.

11. Creating A Character “Bible”

Basically, a really extensive way to build your characters.

I hope at least one of these sites is helpful to you!

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