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I Don’t Always Like Doing The Community Spotlights

Seeing as this week and next week are my two Community Spotlight posts for Inside Cup, I thought this might be interesting to talk about.  It's a special opportunity to put the light on others. To encourage and support what other people in our community are doing. When 2018 started, I felt the word "community"… Continue reading I Don’t Always Like Doing The Community Spotlights


We Want The Snow But…

We don't want the ice that's slick and slippery. We don't want the cold, not in February.   Soft flakes cascading in a stream snow shower. But not the deep, needing salt or plower.   We want the beauty of white-capped trees. But not the length trudging past our knees.   We want the warmth… Continue reading We Want The Snow But…


5 Things To Know If Your Character Has An Association To Something

My friend and I were just discussing this and I think it may be helpful to discuss it here as well. We discussed in particular characters having a mental disorder but the category for the other topics fits the same criteria. So here are five things to keep in mind if you are considering having a… Continue reading 5 Things To Know If Your Character Has An Association To Something


Burdens To Children We Give

Oh, that innocence would stay. Linger beneath stronger than words would say. Our idealism we pass to you. Adulthood lies become your truth. Your sunshine. We cloud. Your happiness. We shroud. "Grow up!" We shout. "I don't want to!" You pout. Heavy darkness mingles your dreams. Hatred grows. An unplanned scheme. What have we made you?… Continue reading Burdens To Children We Give


Blogging Friends “Ditching” Me | Blog Question

You know, I tend to take things WAY too seriously sometimes while being sensitive more than I should. I'm working on it. And this inspired me to talk about a fear I had when I started to meet some amazing bloggers from the community. Friendships I deeply care for. Joining this writing community has opened… Continue reading Blogging Friends “Ditching” Me | Blog Question


Problems Of Making Friends | Social Politeness

I am a, "What you see is what you get," kinda person. If I want to make friends, I'm all over it. I'll make effort. I'll try to hang out. I'll become involved in reading posts, if the person is a blogger. I'm entirely open from the beginning. Probably jump a little too soon, and am… Continue reading Problems Of Making Friends | Social Politeness


Why It Isn’t “Happy” Memorial Day

A holiday to remember those who gave their lives while active. They never retired. They never came back for their family and friends. They never got to have a homecoming, a barbecue with those who love them. While there will be laughter on this day, there will also be tears and heartache. Never forget. Teach… Continue reading Why It Isn’t “Happy” Memorial Day


How My Christian “Friends” Hurt Me

  The Truth Hurts It's simple. It's about connection. Connection of interests. Connection of compatibility. Are the sparks there? As much as the world focuses on the key factors of what makes a romantic relationship last, most of those same factors relate when it comes to friendships. And it's something preschool teachers try to shield… Continue reading How My Christian “Friends” Hurt Me