A Cabin In The Snow

In the middle of the woods, in the silence of the hills, stood a lone cabin. Softly fallen snow padded the ground around it like a blanket. Animals gleefully awaited to make prints, but the air was so cold. Another day they decided as they curled into their fur for warmth. You could taste the… Continue reading A Cabin In The Snow


Vanity Reflection

White silk curtains blew against the frame of the opened windows. Thick carpeted rugs cushioned her bare feet. Stained wooden floors glistened against daylight. Extravagant furniture decorated the room. Sitting at her vanity, brushing her hair, she imagined what her life had come to. Curl after curl she pinned to the top of her face.… Continue reading Vanity Reflection

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I Was Stuck In My Book For 2 Months | Writing Journey

All of my story and scene writers out there...please relate to me! Today, I have to face something a lot of people did not understand when I told them I was trying to get through writing a scene. Something that unless you're a writer you may not understand, and that's okay. I, T. R. Noble,… Continue reading I Was Stuck In My Book For 2 Months | Writing Journey

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Linger In The Moment | Scene Writing

I've talked about this before, but I've known a number of people, especially newer writers, who are all on the "inspiration wagon." The, "I write only when I am inspired." For those who are newer, many of these writers have not fully comprehended what the editing process entails. Many of these writers I think are… Continue reading Linger In The Moment | Scene Writing

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Write With Me | Late Night Work

Happy Week 22! We have reached the end of May. How is that possible? This month has been flying by. Working on my series timeline, and getting ahead with blog posts. This week's words  Possibility, Throat, Performance, Computer, Mode, Depth, Reception Late Night Work  "Why don't you take a break," her roommate gently asked before leaving her alone. Minutes after the… Continue reading Write With Me | Late Night Work