A Cabin In The Snow

In the middle of the woods, in the silence of the hills, stood a lone cabin. Softly fallen snow padded the ground around it like a blanket. Animals gleefully awaited to make prints, but the air was so cold. Another day they decided as they curled into their fur for warmth. You could taste the… Continue reading A Cabin In The Snow


Vanity Reflection

White silk curtains blew against the frame of the opened windows. Thick carpeted rugs cushioned her bare feet. Stained wooden floors glistened against daylight. Extravagant furniture decorated the room. Sitting at her vanity, brushing her hair, she imagined what her life had come to. Curl after curl she pinned to the top of her face.… Continue reading Vanity Reflection

Writing Prompts

Introduction To Mrs. Figglebottom | One Paragraph Challenge

This challenge is something fun I've created for myself. Please feel free to join me. The goal is to write ONE paragraph at least. But maybe...the paragraph will take you somewhere and you'll write more.  I used to do these a lot when I started this blog, and thought, why not start again. Sunlight danced… Continue reading Introduction To Mrs. Figglebottom | One Paragraph Challenge