Grandma’s Window

Whistles steamed from the hot tea kettle. Chirping of birds joined the chorus alongside their fluttering of wings. Another busy morning at Grandma's. Honey drizzled cakes fresh out of the oven. A pie cooling off by the window. It was this window the townspeople envied. A window the town knew would always remain open. The… Continue reading Grandma’s Window


Ms. Spidey C | One Paragraph Challenge

If you would like to join all you have to do is at least write one paragraph (could be more). Feel free to share your paragraph inspiration in the comments below!  "Ms. Spidey C, that is me. I see you from afar. Ms. Spidey C, that is me, swinging from the bar." Footsteps, I crouch… Continue reading Ms. Spidey C | One Paragraph Challenge

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Allen’s Adventure | Birthday Story For My Dad

The monster's shadow grew smaller as he pedaled harder. Wind whipped against young Allen's hair. Sweat dripped down his face. To his dismay, accompanying summer heat was no companion. Tightly he gripped his bike's handlebars. "Don't look back," he whispered to himself. His boyish voice still caught him off guard. He tried replaying what felt… Continue reading Allen’s Adventure | Birthday Story For My Dad