Vanity Reflection

White silk curtains blew against the frame of the opened windows. Thick carpeted rugs cushioned her bare feet. Stained wooden floors glistened against daylight. Extravagant furniture decorated the room. Sitting at her vanity, brushing her hair, she imagined what her life had come to. Curl after curl she pinned to the top of her face.… Continue reading Vanity Reflection


Blogger’s Nightmare

Tick. Tick. Tick. Snooze. Brrrrring! The alarm goes off. Sitting up straight, Jessica's hair masks her face. Groggy, she squints at the clock, while wiping the drool off of her cheek. How long had it been? "No!" She screams. Today was the day of the blog post. It was supposed to be THE blog post.… Continue reading Blogger’s Nightmare

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Motivational Monday | Keep A Cookie Set Aside

Or in my case banana popsicles. Say what?  After completing a set of goal, or something you have to push yourself through. (Ahem, certain exercises...Denise, I don't think I can hold this position for 30 more seconds! #whenYouTubeisyourtrainer) It's nice to have something to look forward to. It's important to push ourselves, get things done,… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Keep A Cookie Set Aside

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Write With Me | Overgrown & Hidden

Happy Week 26  This past week has been busy, but we are finally moving forward. Overgrown & Hidden (Inspired by Featured Image) Abandoned and isolated. Dim light peaked through the bare branches. No one had visited the place in years. Those who stopped visiting forgot. Those who never knew carried no guilt. Its story stopped… Continue reading Write With Me | Overgrown & Hidden