Taking A Break

It might be a little obvious but I've been taking a break on this blog. I have been working on making sure my main blog has posts all the way through the first week in January. Within a handful of days I got up to 19 posts written.  And I was feeling a little draggy… Continue reading Taking A Break


Community Headlines | October’18

Fall is falling around us. Here are some posts I've enjoyed this month. Running The Race- Migraine Chronicles: A Pragmatic Approach To Pain- Heather shares a wonderful solution when it comes to dealing with pain. She discusses the importance of making a pain scale and sticking with it. Your Mercies New- Baby Trees- This post… Continue reading Community Headlines | October’18


How To Block Users (Spam Comments) | Blogger 101

This is a little update to a past post tutorial on how to manage comments. Where To Find Comment Settings | Blogger 101 Today's post specifically is about how to block users in particular from commenting. There are other options in which you can put in specific words or users you want blocked, see Where To Find/Check… Continue reading How To Block Users (Spam Comments) | Blogger 101


Busy, Busy, Busy | Writing & Blogging Projects

Normally this would be an apology. I don't like having posts scheduled that are not completed. But in my case, it is not because I am lazy. I'm working on writing posts, especially for my main blog. I do have some posts for this blog too that are somewhat more extensive (taking more time). As… Continue reading Busy, Busy, Busy | Writing & Blogging Projects

Blogger/Blogging · Writing

Terms To Be Familiar With | Blogger 101

When I first started blogging I would use some of these terms incorrectly. Hopefully, this helps. I know I am not going to cover everything, so please if you see something that applies comment below and let me know. 🙂 Blog- Not to be confused with a post(s). If you say you have blogs, then this… Continue reading Terms To Be Familiar With | Blogger 101