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Motivational Monday | Begin

This week I am going to start implementing my plan of writing for at least thirty minutes on my book before blogging. Hopefully, the time helps me get started on the page and by the time 30 minutes are up I will either finish (which would be extremely quick) or engrossed in my writing to… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Begin


Small Goals Matter

Something I've been working on is trying to do at least three workouts that are 20 minutes or more a week. I've been working on trying to drink at least 60oz of water. I've been eating healthier. These things do not happen overnight. If they did, if we could simply flip a switch, that would… Continue reading Small Goals Matter


Motivational Monday | Accept Change

Imagine running a race, and not being able to continue any longer. We fall to our knees. Perhaps panicked. Breathing heavy while we try to catch our breath against the sting of our throats. Then someone hands us a water bottle and pulls us to our feet. "Just walk," he says. "Just keep taking one step… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Accept Change


Motivating Monday | Find Sunlight On A Cloudy Day

Cloudy days are not always my favorite. Sometimes I really enjoy them, but most of the time the dreary gray weather has Same with rainy days. I've found certain weather to make me want to stay buried under warm blankets, maybe with a book, or a remote, and just tune out of the world… Continue reading Motivating Monday | Find Sunlight On A Cloudy Day

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Motivational Monday | Remain Calm

Worry is one of the worst neighbors to have in the neighborhood known as the mind. Especially if it happens to live next door. Or worse...trying to move in with you! One of my most hated songs of my childhood was, "Don't worry, be happy." (Mom found a radio station that played it 24 hours...enough… Continue reading Motivational Monday | Remain Calm

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Problem With Age & Younger Characters | Writer’s Thoughts

Today I want to talk about age, and the problem people have with it. Primarily when it comes to children and teen characters. But my focus will mainly be on teenagers. I was in middle school when people started joking about how I was a "bubble girl." I was innocent and ignorant. I didn't know curse… Continue reading Problem With Age & Younger Characters | Writer’s Thoughts