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Sundays- Occasional Posts 

MondaysWeekly Posts

 -Motivational Monday  – these posts are short inspirational pieces 

– Provoking Poetry- these posts have thought provoking lines of poetry

Tuesdays- Occasional Posts

– Housewife 101 – tips for keeping a household, budget 

WednesdaysWeekly Post

Writer Wednesdays- covers topics related to writing 

How To Edit A Blog- covers editing process and getting to know WordPress

FridaysOccasional Posts               

Memory Lane – Covers memories 

Saturdays- Occasional Posts 

How To Edit A Blog


Here are some of the series that I’ve done

Top 5 & 10 Lists

10 Habits You May Experience as a Writer

10 Things Novelists Experience

10 Novel Tips: When Struggling Writing A Story

10 Ways | To Write Daily

10 Things Not Understood About Creative People

5 Reasons Why | Power Of Caring

5 Reasons | Why Should You Write Every Day


Housewife 101

Minimal Items To Have When Moving To A New Place | Housewife 101

Rinse & Soak in Thankfulness | Housewife 101

How To Meal Plan | Housewife 101





Anne With An E – Episode 1-4 reviews

Anne With An E | First Episode Review

Anne With An E | Episode 2 Review

Anne With An E | Episode 3 Review (HATE IT)

Anne With An E| Episode 4 Review (Favorite Episode So Far)

I did not continue the series, it’s not something I’m into. This was my overall conclusion. Anne With An E | It’s Fan-Fiction Not An Adaption


Cars 3 Review – Cars 3 Review | I’m An Adult And I Loved It

~T. R. Noble 

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