Please, Give Me Compassion

I hear their annoyances.

It annoys me.

I hear their complaints.

I want to complain.


They talk about their pain.

I think of Yours.

They say “don’t judge me.”

I think of Your judgment.


They can’t see with scales.

They don’t want to budge.

I’m ready to push them off

a cliff.


I’m tired of so many

not moving forward.

I’m tired of so many

blind misunderstandings.





Yet, as I hear You speak in Your word.

Was I never like they?

Did I never have a speck

before it was removed?


Oh, cast far the plank from me!


I’m only guiltless because of You

and the transformation You

create within me. The fruit

that blossoms outward.


But they don’t have that.


I once couldn’t see.

I once couldn’t understand.

I once thought others were against me.

Now, I know better.


Oh, Lord! Help me understand

the sorrow, the confusion, their pain.

Help me be zealous for You, but

compassionate all the same.


Eternity is for life.

I can’t give in to the flesh.

I DO NOT do this alone.

For Jesus is HOPE!


Darkness doesn’t comprehend You.

Help their scales in their eyes fall.

Help my life, and what You do,

Holy Spirit, be a testimony of You.


Lord, Jesus, I ask

for continued, and daily,

help to walk forward

in the narrow path.


Help my mind, my heart,

and my spirit glorify You

and show others just what

You’ve done and what YOU CAN DO!


They have misunderstandings,

please, help me share Your truth!

They have complaints,

please, help me share beautiful praises!


This deals with the frustration we might have with fallen believers. Those who are lukewarm. Those who don’t know Jesus and think they do. Those who are new to the faith and following Jesus, who are learning. We need mercy, compassion, patience, and grace with others. That doesn’t mean to water down the truth of scripture, but to reach out in love and kindness. 

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