To My Fellow Christian Bloggers (A Poem)

I say look to Jesus

they say, “Why didn’t you say this?”

I don’t understand the nitpicking.

The pulling apart and fits.


It seems what is said the most

isn’t what is gleaned.

Instead, it’s the small parts

and implications in-between.


My flesh wants me to retaliate.

Validation whispers into my ear.

“They should apologize! They were wrong!”

Darkness beckons to draw near.


I cry out with frustrations,

and the Lord just takes my hand.

“Child, it’s not about who is right.

It’s My Son, I want you to understand.”


I think of my responses.

What can I say to answer back?

But then I feel reigns pulling me in,

“Now is not the time to talk back.”


I dig into His words

and clutch His truth with my hands.

Letting go of my desires and burdens,

it’s become easier to stand.


How can I reach others

amidst confusion and their own hurt?

How can I point to Jesus,

instead of defending my “self-worth”?


There will always be room to grow.

And yes, I can be wrong.

I need to stop reacting begrudgingly,

and be ready to learn a new song.


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