How Are You Holding Up?

I have noticed a habit around March-April that I get very sluggish and though I have ideas, I don’t have the ambition to keep going. Wow, do I have horrible timing to disappear into the abyss.

This is the second year in a row Peeking Beneath gets pushed back.

Timely enough, my last post was published right before CHAOS. Lockdown, stay home, essential shopping only, etc. People around the world are dealing with it differently. Some have curfews, some don’t. Some can only have one driver in the car or be fined if there is more than one person in the car.

Extraverts are struggling (my grandmother one of them). Parents suddenly forced into isolation homeschooling (which is not the same as regular homeschooling). Teachers and students having to adapt to a new way of school. Beaches closed. Stores closed down and parking lots deserted.

Easter spent in isolation. Grandparents hiding eggs for grandkids and leaving baskets on doorsteps. Kids crying because they can’t understand why they have to see grandma through a door window.

And so. much. more.

It’s been a really interesting time to be an observer.

Our illusion of control has been ripped to shreds, and that is what has been most fascinating to me. The fact that despite everything feeling like it has come to a halt… life still goes on.

One of my friends recently made Violet Jam from picking violets in her backyard. Another had been on a breadmaking roll, and it’s wonderful!

I’ve seen amazing talent come out of people crafting and creating. The amounts of others helping each other.

I’ve seen the fear and selfishness come out, not that it honestly was hidden.

Despite being told there is a period of isolation the weather doesn’t seem to care. Life truly continues to go on.

Maybe that’s the ironic beauty of trials. To keep moving forward because the tide is going to come whether we want it or not.

God still is the anchor in the midst of the storm. Maybe, just maybe, we can listen a little better because our own voice isn’t helping.

Peeking Beneath


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