Don’t Let My Death Be The Reason

Don’t let my death be the reason

you want to speak to me now.

What was once for granted

can’t be given nohow.


Don’t let my death be the reason

you want to meet up.

There were open schedules before.

Now an empty plate and cup.


Don’t let my death be the reason

you desire to call.

Many hours slipped through,

priority walked the hall.


Don’t let my death be the reason

now you send a letter.

Instead of appreciation,

a broken spirit weathered.


Don’t let my death be the reason,

you pray to God in regret.

Take the lesson learned,

and promise not to forget.


Don’t wait until life passes

to tell the ones you love.

The things they need to hear.

The truth from up above.


Don’t wait until life passes,

for death to make you realize.

Our life is but a vapor

something we can’t rationalize.


I waited until life passed

Words on my mind, I never spoke.

I slept taking it for granted.

They were gone before I woke.


I waited until life passed.

I had the best of intentions.

But they were all worthless

because of no actions.


I waited until life passed,

but I wish to wait no more.

Life is so short,

and eventually a closed door.

This past week I finally sat down and wrote a letter to someone who I had wanted to write for over a month. The next day after writing the letter I found out the person passed away. I really hoped unlike the people I wanted to send letters/cards to that I didn’t before… that this person would be able to receive it. I was still too late. 

Don’t sleep on your intentions because we aren’t in control of anything. 


7 thoughts on “Don’t Let My Death Be The Reason

    1. It’s amazing what He puts on our hearts and minds. I had another sister share a thought today she had, and it was one I was thinking of yesterday or so.

      Thank you so much! Prayers for the family are welcomed. We are glad she isn’t hurting anymore and can run free. ♥️ Glory to God!

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  1. Reblogged this on Inside Cup and commented:

    The day I lost a dear grandmother in Christ I wrote this poem sorting my feelings. My letter, a letter I planned to write and send her a month ago, I had finally wrote it only a day before. It lay on the table stamped. Don’t waste time taking things and people for granted. We just do not know.


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