I Get Nervous About Writing Christian Posts

Last week I wrote a post on my main blog that I was afraid of. I didn’t know how fellow Christians would react to it, and I knew people who are supportive of the practice could possibly get upset. Post | Visionaries & Vision Boards| Warning To Christians

Despite this, I knew God placed the topic on my heart to write about. The show must go on! But it isn’t easy.

For posts like these, I make sure to have several days to go over my post. I start with an outline of what needs to be said and then go from there. I also have sisters in Christ I can seek advice, suggestions, and discussion from, as well as a grandmother in Christ. Getting feedback for posts like these is important.

  • People can disagree and be upset.
  • Without clarity, a post can sound harsher than it needs to be.
  • It’s possible people can unfollow, which would be sad especially if it is someone we’ve made a connection to.

Why write posts that potentially can make people angry? Aren’t we to be loving like Jesus? Why write posts that make us sound judgemental? (Trust me, I’ve gotten that response more than once)

Jesus never strayed from talking about difficult topics. He didn’t say every person gets salvation (everyone has the opportunity). He talked about people burning and being tortured in Hell for eternity. The parable of the sowing of seeds shows us that. Jesus did not coddle people either.

The world wants to feel good about their choices. Despite Christians saying they want to follow Christ, talking about the things WE SHOULDN’T BE DOING, is very unpopular. It’s like everyone is hoping that somebody else takes the position. Let us sound loving, patient, and gentle…only with the good and nice pieces of scripture. Let’s just all pray silently. and not talk about it, so as not to make people feel bad. 

I see so many people use prayer as a crutch, a defense, as to why we shouldn’t discuss hard topics. For many people who influence the public, it’s wrong of us to also use a public platform to talk about those same issues. I don’t understand why we have to tolerate everyone else speaking their mind and thoughts…but we can’t?


I don’t want my silence on topics to allow people to make assumptions about me, that though may make them like me…goes against what Jesus taught. 

Let me also say, this gives no one the right to be belittling and downright mean. I’ve seen Christians be pretty cruel when discussing difficult topics, and I don’t agree with that approach either. Of course, we can say things gently with love, and people may still take it as a mean/judgy approach simply because we brought it up. But if I avoid talking about how people can make Santa Claus an idol, for example, just so people don’t have to feel bad about it…um, no. (I’ve seen believers defend Santa and Christmas hardcore, that says something. We need the same concern and energy to go to talking about Jesus.) 

We call things for what they are, not what we want them to be. Mudding the truth helps no one. We can’t be lukewarm just for stats, and shame on us if we are!

Before we write posts we are nervous about, prayer is absolutely needed. Scripture is needed. Worship is needed. But we can’t be afraid people aren’t going to like us or even have fellow believers falsely accuse us of being judgemental. 

Scripture supports righteous judgment, and it’s important we know what scripture says about proper judgment. For this reason, I talk about false teachings. I talk about worldly practices that are not supported by Jesus.

When we follow what God wants us to do, we can be assured the path He places us on, He is there also.

Now, please pray for me as I prepare for my next big post… 


Has there been a post you’ve written that a lot of people disagreed on, or you were afraid of the outcome? 

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23 thoughts on “I Get Nervous About Writing Christian Posts

  1. I was startled when I saw that you shared that visionary post about a week after I wrote my visionary post, and I was worried that bringing that word to the spotlight was a mistake. However, it was interesting to read about what you discovered about that word and the vision board movement, and I’m glad you talked about it. I like the visionary leadership style because it reminded me of my own creative process, but I don’t desire in any way to veer myself away from the Lord through those pursuits, and I pray that He will help me to harness the ideas I have and the ones He gives me for His glory and growth in my relationship with Him. 🙂

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    1. In the process of writing the post, I definitely see how godly people can use the word for the Lord. I personally do not like the word because of how the world uses it often. Even without the Law of Attraction, it is concerning how self focused, in the worldly sense, the word is. I don’t like that.

      But I did learn a lot while writing about how God can use Christian visionaries. God can guide us and use our creativity, absolutely! I have been going over in Exodus God giving wisdom to the artisans making items for the temple. It’s been neat to see how He inspires 😊💗

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      1. I’ve had the same thing happen with other words. I used to like the word ‘manifest’ because of how it’s used in the Bible – about how the Lord reveals Himself and His will to His children – but then the world took the word and started saying stuff like ‘manifest destiny’ and they just tainted it with their way of taking God out of everything. *sigh*

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      2. Prayers for the post would be welcomed! ❤ I may have to break it up. Since Valentines is next week I want to focus on salvation beyond the "sinner's prayer" and what it means for the process to take place in our heart. THERE IS SO MUCH to cover… yikes!

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      3. Love the poem! I think many others can relate. One book I recommend is The Journals Of Rachel Scott. It is a collection of poems, drawings and the story of Rachel Scott who was one of the first victims at Columbine. Rachel finds faith in Jesus but struggled during her teen years. Then she makes a decision to completely follow Jesus no matter what. Her testimony is so powerful.

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      4. I’ve done a review on my blog if you would like to know more. When I found out about Rachel this past year, wow, her story is amazing! Just challenged me to draw close to Jesus and to witness.

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  2. I don’t like the sugarcoating of the Word. I also don’t like it when we’re told: “take what you need and neglect what doesn’t suit you”. It’s not right. As Christians, we shouldn’t worry over the difficult topics and I agree with you, we should definitely pray about the topics before we start writing. May God continue to use you for His glory.

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    1. Amen! It also says snatch those from the fire 😊😊😊 Yes, when a parent stops a child from getting hurt it is love even if the child doesn’t think so. God wants us to share His message in love. Amen, we must listen to Him!!

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