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Apology To My Followers

For anyone who has stuck along with this blog, I want to thank you. I have gone through so much with this blog trying to figure it out and finally decided this blog is extra.

Peeking Beneath is what does not gets on Inside Cup. It will showcase more writing pieces (or hopefully that’s what I want) and give updates on my life or share memories (again, hopefully). In addition, this is where I do talk about writing and blogging more. I have next week’s Wednesday’s post ready and I go over what to do when people disagree with you in the comments. Stay tuned next week if you are interested.

In the past, I really tried to use this blog not only for personal stories, but rants I had about topics and then trying to find ways to inspire people with poetry quotes and other things. Ehh, it fell flat. I learned about scheduling, so that was good! But it just was not what I wanted, nor did it accomplish the inspiration I want to give to others.

I also was struggling in not talking about Jesus on this blog. Some people disagree with me, πŸ˜‰Β  but I feel strongly that whatever we write about, if we are a Christian, Christ needs to shine through, and in writing, HE NEEDS TO BE SPOKEN OF!

Eternity is not a joke. It’s not something we “feel” like doing. Who cares if I give encouragement one day if I’m not speaking the name of Jesus in my writing? If I do not speak His name in my writing, people may not identify that He is the reason for my heart, my inspiration, my calling, and life. If I’m not giving my readers Jesus… then I’m not giving them the opportunity to drink from Living Water.Β 

I want you to know that Jesus is behind everything on this blog and my main one. He has a hand in everything. I don’t care if I talk about crafts or recipes. If I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and if the Lord determines things to be good that bring us joy…how is He NOT attached to these things? I refuse to accept,Β yes, I’m stubborn, that it’s okay to “shine His light in our writing” and NOTΒ speak His name.Β 


I’m not going to deny Him or isolate Him in any part of my life. That’s not fine. That’s what we call the luxury of not being persecuted every day for His name. If I do not live every day for Christ, to draw closer to Him, to listen to Him…how can I ever be ready should a time of persecution happen in my life?Β 

There are so many things I want to grow in relating to Christ, and HE has to be first in everything.

I apologize to anyone who joined this blog and didn’t see Jesus in it. Shame on me. That’s not who I am. Again, I know many people think it is okay to separate Him from some things in life…but that just does not make sense to me.

We get so comfortable about our future that if we’re not allowed to talk about Him we accept it because we fear the consequences. Just because I have hobbies or topics I want to talk about, it is ridiculous for me to think, “Oh, I can’t point to Christ in this.” … I’m disgusted that I can’t take the time to grow in Him, and show others how He relates to life, in all things.Β 

In the eyes of eternity… what happens in this life pales to what is to come. I fall short so much, and I want to grow in Him. How can I tell people I want to go to Heaven to glorify God..and yet I can’t glorify Him in what I am doing RIGHT NOW! Time is short, and I’m so sick of being focused on me.Β 

I still struggle with this, but I see the holes and mistakes I’m making. I want to take up my cross for Him and keep walking forward. It’s scary, it’s humbling, but Jesus says He will bear the yoke with us. It’s not like we walk alone.

I need to stop acting and feeling like I walk alone.

Peeking Beneath


18 thoughts on “Apology To My Followers

  1. Thank you for sharing this T.R. I agree that everything we do should be in service of honoring the father, whether or not that something is “mundane” as crafts. My writing and everything else I want to do, I want to do to honor God, not dishonor Him.

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  2. “How can I tell people I want to go to Heaven to glorify God..and yet I can’t glorify Him in what I am doing RIGHT NOW! Time is short, and I’m so sick of being focused on me.”

    These words really touched my heart deeply. My Dad always says this life is not about what we go tbrough but how we use it to prepare for Eternity. Plus I live in a nursing facility and often feel I fail Him in not reaching others. All too often I forget others are watching. My grandpa used to say “we may be the only gospel someone else will read”. Often forget this too. Thank you for reminding me of such things. A loud AMEN to your words. This is my prayer for us both tbis day that we may wear His fragrance, and be that to those around us.

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    1. Amen!!! I praise Jesus this stirred your heart!

      Prayers are like incense to God and I can only imagine what our actions and words to others are like to Him. A fragrance of Him to others is beautiful.

      I’ve heard that, too. We may be the only Gospel someone hears. Very powerful. God be with you and may He lead you!!


  3. We are all on this journey of growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ and growing pains are called pains for a reason. But the fruit is well worth it. I do enjoy your posts and yes, I do see Jesus in what you share. So keep on growing and sharing.
    Also, this site asks me if I want to follow. I did follow you once. Do I need to do this again?

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    1. If you see this post from Peeking Beneath in your Reader you follow the blog. But sometimes people get knocked off of blogs they follow. I have had that happen a number of times. Since I have two blogs sometimes people follow only one and that’s ok πŸ™‚

      Amen, the fruit, the pruning is well worth it!! Praise Jesus for seeing His hand in my posts, thank you for the encouragement.

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  4. TR, we all fall short of our calling. In your blog, we do see Jesus. You not write the name of Jesus in every post, but even in the book of Esther, we do not find the name of God written, but He is in every word. His plan reigns. The heavens declare the glory of God through the power of the universe, the beauty of sunrises and sunsets, through the lush vegetation, through the fragrance of flowers. through you. May God shine through you and reveal His work in you in 2020. Karen

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  5. I haven’t had much of a following. I can’t even imagine what that is like but I do know it would take a lot of energy — all the comments, all the posts, all the writing and rewriting. So I’m thankful for the little bunch of great people I have. Keeping in mind “I am always content with what happens; for I know that what God chooses is better than what I choose.” (Epictecus) Don’t lose πŸ’— !!

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