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5 Things New Bloggers Tend To Do & How To Avoid Them

Being a new blogger isn’t easy and learning the ropes can be a little difficult. I thought it might be fun to cover this topic again.

1. Advertise By Going On Other Blogger’s Post

A lot of seasoned bloggers will share their annoyance when they receive a comment, “Hey, check out my blog!” There may even be the occasional compliment, “Love this! Check out my blog!”

I think our social media encourages this, especially with places like Twitter and Instagram. Some people are very much about “a like for a like.” Here is the problem with that. YOU WANT AN AUDIENCE THAT RELATES TO YOUR CONTENT! If you are purely focused on numbers, you shouldn’t be a blogger. Period. 

I know that sounds harsh but when we are all about numbers, we aren’t about content. Readers need sincere people to turn to, not greedy bloggers focused on self. If we are about content, then we need to care that those who visit our blog visit because our content relates to them. As a Christian blogger, I’ve seen how stats not only has brought down others, but myself, too.

The truth is when we are allowing stats to be our idol then no number is ever good enough. We won’t know how to be content. We will just be aiming for the next milestone. It’s easy to take our audience for granted in this way, and that’s just wrong.

Even if you do not have a following or less than 5 followers, be grateful. Speaking as someone who did not take off immediately. It took almost a year for me to pass 100 followers, and I remember when I had under 12 followers and struggled to write.

Do not write for numbers. Write because you have a message to share!

2. Comments Are Not Turned On/Lack Of Settings Knowledge

Here is a great reason why you may not want to start off with a large following. Now, there is nothing wrong with not having your comments on, if you so choose. But I’ve had comments from new bloggers telling me to check out their blog, repeatedly. When I did (and, admittedly, I was annoyed) comments were not on, and the option to like a post was also not on. Even after I checked out their blog, I STILL got comments from the blogger telling me to check out their blog. Of course, since they did not have their settings on in the order that people could let them know the material is being viewed (and by whom) the blogger had NO idea.

Not everyone is going to tell you what you need to fix. Some people will see the errors and walk away. There’s a low chance you are going to get that visitor again.

When you start a blog, you need to slowly go over all the options in a menu bar and all the options in your edit post settings. Use your cursor to hover over symbols and if you wait usually a word will pop up telling you what the symbol will do if you click on it.

3. Lack Of Schedule Or Consistency

This is why I recommend try to do a post every week or every two weeks. THEN once you have a month’s worth (four posts, one each week) you can put in an additional post, or more.

A lot of bloggers try to put more on their plate than what they can handle in the beginning. Even successful bloggers, in the beginning, I see get burnt out a few months later because of the stress they put on themselves. Let it be noted, however, it is okay to change up schedules! It’s ok to have things happen and not be as consistent.

But when you start out as a blogger, take bite-size pieces.

4. Lack Of Ideas

It happens to most bloggers. It used to happen to me. One day I realized I hadn’t given my blog over to the Lord, and when I did, He inspired ideas since then for my main blog.

This blog is kinda up in the air, sometimes. What helps is whenever I find a topic that interests me I write it down. It could be an idea for later. I also make notes from when I become “ranty.” What is my main issue with the topic and is there a productive way to talk about it?

For this blog, it’s an assortment of things. What do writers need help with? How is my life going or my writing? Is there anything from my life I can share that people would relate to? Do I feel creative today or could I write a short creative piece?

Using prompts can also help in getting ideas.

The main thing is… do not start a blog without posts already written. It’s recommended to actually have 10 to 20 posts already written before making your blog public so you can have a variety for your blog. It helps readers get to know you better and what your blog is about.

I think a lot of people want to start a blog, but then they do not know how to go forward with that idea. Be prepared before going forward.

5. Impatience

It’s really easy to switch from, “I want to do something with my blog and help others,” to, “No one is visiting me! I want to give up!” Start with humility, and end each day with humility.

It keeps us focused and on the right things. Not ourselves.

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What are some tips you have for new bloggers?

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6 thoughts on “5 Things New Bloggers Tend To Do & How To Avoid Them

  1. hey! I really like this. I have definitely struggled with upkeep and the concept of reciprocation. I also struggle with the idea of having blog posts pre-written bc, once I wait to long, I feel like it’s no longer relevant so I am starting to time stamp things but I don’t know how feel about it yet. When it comes to reciprocation, I don’t mention a blog I have written unless it directly connects with the blog I am commenting on. Currently, I have been going through my emails in my blog folder and working my way through relevant content as I get involved in blogging again throughout break. Great post and awesome ideas! Blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

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