I’m Growing A Blade Of Grass

Or something…

All I know is the day I went to empty my flower pots for the summer, I checked the one pot that I wasn’t growing anything in, and lo behold, there was something growing!



I had originally grown bunch onions but that wasn’t as successful as I had hoped, so I stopped for the summer.

This isn’t an onion.

I’ve had a lot of people think, at first, it was an onion, but let me tell you. You can TELL if something is an onion or not unless you have a really bad cold. THIS T



People must think I’m weird on my balcony sniffing a random plant, haha!

Actually, I’m not even trying to help it grow. It was strong enough to figure out what to do so I’m just leaving it. Seeing what happens through the winter.

This past year when I cleaned out my parents’ gutters they had a ton of little trees growing. Somehow there was enough sediment or dirt to nurture these tiny trees. But this doesn’t look like those either.

It does make me hopeful that next summer I could grow more things. Some flowers and vegetables are more resistant than others. I guess this is God’s way of encouraging me not to give up. He created everything, and He can help me become a better gardener.

Sometimes, it isn’t about what I’m doing, but what I’m not doing, I guess.

So currently, I’m convinced I’m growing one long blade of grass.

Hmm, any name suggestions?

I’m thinking Curly…

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What do you think it is?

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7 thoughts on “I’m Growing A Blade Of Grass

  1. LOL! I love this. With winter well on it’s way, this…whatever it is…will at least give you a little color to look at. If it survives, that is. Honestly, I’m surprised that it looks as strong as it does with this cold weather lol.

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