5 Things That Has Helped Me Stay Consistent At Nanowrimo

Update: As I put the finishing touches on this post, I am less than 5k away from reaching 40k! By the time this post goes up, I will have passed 40k. Update….nope!

As I shared last week, I have fully committed to do my best at completing Nanowrimo, and more! Within two days, I had written over 10k! It helps to note I am a rebel, so some of these tips may not apply to the strictest of strict Nano writers! (KEEP GOING, EVERYONE!)

1. Your Goal Is 100 Words

“No,” my friend answered me, “it’s at least 1k.” 

This is the advice I told her when she was wondering if she was going to make her daily goal or not. “Your goal is 100 words.”

We tend to see the big picture. The ultimate goal is reaching 50k. Some people have their daily amounts set at 1k, 2k, or 5k or more. These are a little harder to come by if you are a writer like me. It’s intimidating. It’s daunting.

That’s when I had the idea to break it down.

Since I aim for 5k a day, I have to make it more obtainable, at least for my standards. I broke it down into 500 words, and then 250, and if needed, 100. Small goals MAKE an impact. Sometimes we just have to pull through and keep going!

5k or even 1k may seem not likely, but 100 words? Come on, you got this!

And then repeat.

2. Take Productive Breaks

You do need to rest, but you don’t have to be lazy either. Listen to a podcast, get chores done around the house. I know this may sound blasphemous to some writers, whose minds feel like ooze, but seriously, get active, and get going! You need a sharp mind! KEEP GROWING!

I have been enjoying crocheting my granny square blanket while listening to sermons or podcasts. But yeah, for short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes, I’ve definitely played a video that may not be as productive or a game. That’s okay, too! Just do not get sucked into it!

3. (For Rebels) Switch Up Your Project

Every rebel has their own set of rules, so I don’t know if every rebel has multiple projects or not, but it’s a consideration. When I feel burnt out on my fanfic, I’ll switch to blogging. When I want to take a break from writing a serious post on my blog, I’ll go through a tag or an award I never got to. Speaking of which, I actually already have 4 weeks of Fridays done for my main blog, Inside Cup, and this is November 5th, when I write this. 

Maybe try something new or create a fully NONSENSE document. It can be rambles from your thoughts, poems, whatever. I started a nonsense document during Camp Nano this past year and started writing a memoir, which has now become one of my projects.

4. Do Sprints With Friends Or Yourself

You can set a clock on the Nano site and the goal is to try to write as many words as you can. Within 30 mins, I averaged a little over 650 words. But one of my friends was able to do 800. And our one friend, who is a legend at Nano, has been said to write 1k in 15 MINUTES! HOW?!

The goal is to keep trying, no matter what. If you are doing sprints on your own, try to beat your previous number. Give yourself some ambition.

5. Keep Reading

I know…read…who has time to read? I was told this by a friend recently, “I’m surprised you have found time for reading during Nano.”

Yep. Keep reading! We need continued inspiration and reading provides that. It strengthens our mind, it can increase creativity, and depending on what we are writing, IT COULD GIVE US MATERIAL FOR WORD COUNT.

The book I am reading currently, I am almost done with, and am considering writing up a book review for my main blog. (Update: Finished reading.) 

I hope these tips have been helpful to you!!!

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What advice do you have as a Nano writer?

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