I Am Attempting Nano (For Realz This Time) & Writing My First Fanfic

(Okay, technically, in the past, I have written a fanfic for my best friend from college before, but that was just for fun. This is more serious.)

By the time this post goes up, I am hoping to have at least 20k, and if this post gets published on Wednesday, then the goal should be 25k. (If you want to see my progress, you can here.) 

Yep, 7 days of Nanowrimo and I’m attempting to reach half of the goal, which the goal being 50k.

Currently, I am almost to 17k and it is day 5. (UPDATE: Before I went to bed I did make it to 20k)

First, and foremost, I really want to share my astoundment at those who can do this 5k a day or more for ONLY WRITING ONE NOVEL! Or, honestly, anyone who can write 50k, or more, purely for their novel.

Like what?!

I struggle with one project. So, I have at least five projects I’m working on. I think there is a sixth one out there…but I’m not sure.

I am working on my book for my Christian series, a memoir (mainly to catch up on the diary entries I haven’t written in six years), a novel inspired by C. S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters,” a prayer song document, blogging (of both Inside Cup and Peeking Beneath), and…a fanfic.

So, I have some weird badges selected for Nano.

It should be clear for those who are familiar with Nano that, yes, I’m a total rebel. I’m not bound only by one novel, nor is it new…exactly. However, the fanfic I decided to write DID take several weeks of research, and it was something I had been coming up with ideas for since August.

I was inspired by my friends to attempt a Christian fanfic by one of my favorite shows growing up, and it, boy, has it made me realize how parts of the show were troubling, even though it was a kid show.

My fanfic will be a story inspired by the show, “Hey Arnold.” 

It will mainly revolve around the character, Helga. In fact, I’ve titled my fanfic, “Helga’s Redemption.” 

The word redemption means to be broken free of, and if you are familiar with Helga’s character, well, she got a lot of problems.

Like, TOXIC problems!

Arnold, the main character for the show, she built a shrine based on him. Her home life isn’t stable. Her way of protecting her insecurity is basically being a bully.

Growing up, I always thought the typical, “Oh, she and Arnold should get together.” You know, the “shipping” a lot of shows encourage their viewers to do. But the more I looked at the show and noticed patterns in characters. No. JUST NO!

It’s the same issue in which people think Harley Quinn and the Joker make a great couple. NO!

It’s not fair that a sweet and kind guy, like Arnold, gets thrown into this toxic relationship with a girl who not only stalks him, but, in early seasons, has even COLLECTED SNIPPETS OF HIS HAIR! And again, THIS WAS A KID SHOW! I didn’t fully realize how toxic these behaviors were. You know…it was “just a show.”

I really want to talk about those issues in the fanfic, as well as other things.

Growing up with the show, I still had a soft spot for Helga. There is one episode that does help the viewer understand why Arnold becomes an idol for her, and it’s basically because, out of everyone, he notices her. He is kind to her. I think all of the troubles Helga deals with and the insecurity she feels, she puts it all into Arnold. That’s why, I think, she is convinced she both “hates” him and “loves” him.

She made Arnold a fantasy in who he is not. She made Arnold this escape from her reality. The truth is, I think this is common in our world. I think the show does touch on a lot of truth for kids, what they are going through, and issues adults still carry with them, and have.

But I want viewers and fans of the show to critically look at the issues. I discovered other characters with some troubling traits as well. The show encourages viewers to become sympathetic towards certain characters who are doing creepy things and get away with it. The show also rewards these shame characters for this ill behaviors, and that is nothing to applaud.

The hope is by putting a Christian perspective on a story like this it shows that no matter how scarring someone is, or no matter what past sins someone has committed, they can be redeemed. They can be free. A transformation takes place, and that, in turn, affects others around that individual.

I still aim for Arnold and Helga to get together in the fanfic, but in a healthy way. (And probably give up the actual show as it is not completely wholesome, and if one part is tainted, then the whole thing is corrupted. I suppose this is my farewell to the series.)

Currently, between all of the projects, I’m three thousand away from reaching ten thousand (you know, writing out numbers adds to your number count!) on the fanfic alone!

It’s been interesting taking Nano seriously because for blogging, at least, I’ve been able to start to get ahead. I’ll probably be talking about that soon. 😉

Comment Below:
Have you ever written a fanfic before?

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