A Cabin In The Snow

In the middle of the woods, in the silence of the hills, stood a lone cabin.

Softly fallen snow padded the ground around it like a blanket. Animals gleefully awaited to make prints, but the air was so cold. Another day they decided as they curled into their fur for warmth.

You could taste the air of frozen ice. Everything was still and calm as the frigid temperatures. Bright was the sky reflecting off the fallen snows on the trees.

You could feel the heat of the burning wood just by being near enough to smell the smoke. Small black billows rose up from the chimney. The scent filled your lungs with a warmth of home.

A sled lay near the front porch, ready for adventure. An old wicker rocking chair sat in the corner of the porch. A broken pot from last summer at its feet. Wooden boards that creaked with each step.

The cabin groaned with its life.

Gingersnaps, oranges, and cinnamon wafted through the cracks of the window panes as if they danced on the tip of your tongue. Fragrance of the pine trees twirled around the warm aroma wanting to join in. They delighted in your visit and wished for you to stay.

A wreath with real berries met you at the front door.

Upon opening, everything bursts into laughter and activity. Lights strung along the walls and doorways. Heat from the oven and baking cookies embraces you like a long lost child.

And once again, you find yourself small, and your shoes too big.

Once again, the family welcomes you as if you never left.

Once again, you’re home.

I know for many they don’t get to see their families often, and holidays can bring us the opportunity of traditions. While I love making traditions throughout the year with family and friends, sometimes certain traditions are just really special around that one time of the year. Christmas is one of those times for me. 

Now, I’ve changed my view of Christmas since 2017, and work actively on not getting caught up in a secular way. But there are certain tastes and smells that bring me back to when I was a child. I thought it would be nice to capture this feeling in writing. 

I’m very grateful for the memories the Lord has given me. I know those memories will always remain precious to me. 

Writing Prompt Idea:
Write a post on a favorite memory or tradition.

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