Struggles Of Pushing People As A Christian Blogger

People probably are not going to like it.

This past week on Inside Cup, I’ve written up a challenge.

God’s Name In Vain | Christian Blogger Challenge

On Inside Cup, I do not tiptoe around the word “conviction.” A lot of Christians want to use conviction in a number of ways. The main argument is conviction is not always the same for everyone. Now, to a degree, this is absolutely true. The problem occurs when it relates to sin. Materials that are sinful and people who are sinful. Media.

Watching shows with cursing, nudity, sex, etc. Some argue these things do not affect them, and therefore, they are not convicted. Thus, the argument for conviction begins. I don’t think anyone can argue, however, that sin is sin. So why are we listening or watching sinful things?


The point of the post is to try to get people to understand how easy it is for us to be desensitized to things. Why not start with something many ears of believers are numb to, God’s name being taken in vain? How often do we hear it from the things we watch or see it in the things we read? It breaks a commandment. It is a VERY big deal to God. But the world has watered this sin down so much, not even believers flinch. 

That’s a problem.

In fact, I have a post tomorrow on Inside Cup very much challenging Christian bloggers on if they actually are a Christian blogger. I fear I might lose some loyal readers. 

I know many self-proclaimed Christian bloggers, but Christ is not on their blog. Some, He never was, and others, He’s disappeared completely.

We Christians love to talk about the flaws of everyone else, but when it comes to ourselves, and the things we need to work on, it’s tough. We struggle with excuses. Maybe point fingers. Act defensive and mad… all because of truth.

Something we claim we believe in.

And I have to be truthful, even when it’s hard because if I tell my audience that Christ is first, He BETTER be first.

But, funny enough, believers struggle with that. I, admittedly, struggle with it. I fear what people might say. What they might think. How they might react. But truthfully, it’s because I’m selfish. Numbers lack when you cover the meat of scripture. It’s understandable. I might lose people I really enjoy hearing from, but it still selfish. If I watered down the truth to make people comfortable around me just so they would “like” me…how can I face God?

I’m a hypocrite to say I care about Jesus and what He gave up for me if I can’t give up the world and people liking me.

It’s not always easy talking about the truth. It’s not easy pointing and pushing believers to own up to what they say, as well as myself. But Christ deserves it. He, too, pushed the disciples. They, in turn, pushed each other and more believers that would come. It wasn’t easy.

But the glory of God was always worth it.

Do not run from Him. Do not hide Him from your blog. Be willing to really ask yourself if you are ashamed of Him out of fear of what others would do? Out of fear of admitting we have many things to work on.

The time is now. We can’t back down.

11 thoughts on “Struggles Of Pushing People As A Christian Blogger

    1. You brought up a hard topic. But you did it by speaking the truth. If people are offended they should strengthen their bond with God and not blame you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t say people blame me, most of the time at least. But the truth is hard to hear. It is very hard to examine ourselves. It’s hard to deal with pain we hold onto. We all have the choice to draw closer to God 🙂 but when we are upset often that is the last thing people want to do or realize.


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