Why Are You Posting More Than Once A Day?

(I can understand the occasional two posts, but still.) 

For the Christian blogger, first and foremost, tell me you ARE NOT doing it for stats. Did I catch anyone off guard? 

Now, I can understand a full post and then maybe a post with a picture. A lot of Christian bloggers like to have a post with a picture and scripture. Nothing wrong with that! But every day? Why? (And this may not at all be an issue for some bloggers, but for some, maybe it is.) 

Something I want to point out is are we being selfish with our post schedule? I know, what a weird question! But as a Christian blogger, I strive for my blogging not to be about myself. Not to be about the numbers. But to first be about God, and then to be about my readers. 

How much of my readers’ time am I taking up? 

I’ve NEVER thought about that question until I started writing this post. It never crossed my mind I could potentially be selfish in posting multiple times. But the truth of the matter is, the more we post, the more time we take away from other fellow bloggers.

The world will disagree and push of course this is the aim. We should want people to flock to our blogs and not others. But as a Christian blogger, well, I can’t be that self-focused. I have to put others above myself, and as a Christian blogger, does this not include the Christian blogging community? 

On my main blog, Inside Cup, I post on average five times a week. Occasionally I will post six times or maybe have a whole week’s worth, but it’s rare.

When I did post every day, for me, it was for selfish reasons. It was all for stats. Increasing my numbers. Now, I still wanted people to draw closer to Christ with the posts…but selfish gain was always at the back of my mind. I felt like I had to. 

I was letting the stats steal the joy out of reaching and encouraging others. What should have been top priority was clouded.

If you happen to post multiple times I want you to think of these things.

  • Why– Do you do it to enrich others? Do you feel that you have to post every day, and if you do, why? Are potential stats lingering at the door? You fear you’ll lose people if you do not post for one day? That’s how I used to feel when I struggled. 
  • Where is your focus On the people or the stats the people give? How would Christ feel about posting multiple times a day? He knows us best. We can’t hide our reasons and we can’t lie to ourselves. Be willing to admit the truth.
  • Would YOU be willing to give back that same amount of time to another blogger – Are you aware that the more you post, the more time investment you are asking others to give you? Would you be willing to give that same time investment to another blogger as their reader?
  • Could you break up the posts– Or create days you post more than once (like a full post and a picture post that goes with that day) or even a series for those specific posts (like picture posts become their own series and appear on a specific day). As a reader when I see someone post more than once in a day, I get intimidated and feel a little dread because I WANT to support the blogger, but my plate feels full with what I’m writing and all the other bloggers I’m trying to read.

Again, I’m not saying every single blogger who posts multiple times a day does it for selfish reasons. But I know the struggle of desiring stats. I know the struggle of being so focused on myself, I forget the others it impacts. In this case, fellow bloggers, my readers, and giving myself a break. We are told to take a break. Am I doing that? Am I allowing that for my readers?

Just things to chew on.

(And if you feel like you have to defend why you post multiple times a day, maybe consider why you even need to defend it. I’m not saying it’s wrong, exactly, rather, for us to really consider why we do it and to think of others.) 

courage is

12 thoughts on “Why Are You Posting More Than Once A Day?

  1. I actually really like this post! I struggle with blogging entirely because I put a lot of pressure on myself for perfection and attending to a certain amount of self-made requirements. When people post a lot, I do feel pressured to respond to them and it spirals into, “if I wrote to her, I need to write to him, etc.” As a result, I get too sucked in and my anxiety strikes. This is the main reason I hardly post anymore. I don’t want to hurt others’ feelings. I actually have considered switching to my own website because of this and I have about 30 unposted blogs because, when I go to post, I worry I do not have the time to read others. *SIGH* Sorry, that was a lot. Blessings! I hope you are doing amazing!

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    1. I was just thinking about you today!!! ❤

      Today I cut out a number of blogs I used to follow. There is so much anxiety I feel seeing all these posts from people and I want to read more. So, I had to cut down and that has helped me. Also getting more comfortable not reading everyone or every post, too. 🙂

      So glad this post spoke to you! It can be really hard. Thanks for being honest.

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      1. Ahhh! I have been thinking about you, a lot lately! 💕 I saw this post a few days back and I copied the link so I could make sure that I responded! I should do that but I just never want to unfollow people that follow me because i feel like its hurtful. Does that make sense? Yes, I hope to find a way to be more comfortable with not reading every post! Do you have any tips? I appreciate yo acknowledging my honesty, I tend to be very vulnerable in response to your posts as they always strike a chord within my heart. ❤️

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      2. I really thought about why I was following someone, and to me, if I just follow them but I don’t read their material, it doesn’t connect to me, and they aren’t really someone who comments on my stuff, either..what do I really have that is making me staying following them?

        Guilt like that makes me feel like it’s unhealthy. It puts me in a position of control, where I feel I have to do these things, and the truth of the matter is, I do not. And also I do not expect others to follow me only because they feel like they have to, you know. So why do I expect myself to do that?

        I still struggle with it sometimes, but I know this way of thinking is not what God wants me to do. Above all, I want to honor Him first, and He takes care of my burdens. I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone ask me why I left them, and that’s because we never talked really to begin with.

        I’m grateful the posts connect to you 🙂 and thanks so much for caring so deeply.

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  2. Some good points, but to be honest, I don’t have a problem for I have a choice to read whichever one/s may speak to me; I don’t have to spend time reading every post.

    However, this is a very good post for some of us to stop and reflect if we’re doing it for selfish reasons as you say.

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    1. Exactly, it’s just something for bloggers to consider. I know some readers like yourself are not affected at all but I know some shy readers who struggle feeling obligated to the blogger, and I want bloggers to consider their audience. Not everyone is like us and handles things the way we do. It really made me step back and look at my readers and potential things they may silently struggle with and how can I be encouraging toward them 🙂

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  3. I can only devote so much time to other bloggers, so I don’t read all of people’s posts. It is kind of annoying when people post multiple times a day…makes me wonder if they are spending time reading and supporting other blogs.

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    1. I do not follow these bloggers, and nothing against them, but I know some who will post like 4 or more images a day, or scripture posts a day. I can understand they are much easier to read, but it is time consuming and I think potentially it could lure other readers away. My one sister in Christ has shared that she only follows a few bloggers who post everyday, especially ones who write more lengthy posts, she really has to decide which posts she looks at.

      I think there is always the potential for people posting for selfish reasons. There was a recent blogger I saw who posted 8 recipe posts in a day. Like, wow, dedication! But I think others truly have good intentions they just might not think of the reader perspective ❤


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