Footprints Left In The Dirt

(The goal of this challenge is to try to write at least one paragraph. You can most certainly write more than one.) 

The morning air is crisp like thin shavings of a red apple. A sweet moisture tints the grass and the flower buds. Lyrics of an unknown song are sung by a chorus of birds. Life begins quietly in the village.

Everyone knows everyone’s business. A few women sit outside to observe and keep up to date on the locals. By the end of the night, their gossiping circles will be overburdened with information.

The men shake their heads, though they, too, have their own networks.

A little girl races her dog to the end of the road. Braids bouncing up and down behind her back. Yelps of glee ring out from her companion.

Bread is being baked while opened windows allow curtains to dance along with the breeze. Hums from the local radio station echo from the kitchen. Sizzling of sausages and eggs mingle on the stovetop.

A church bell rings in the distance…yet no one comes.

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I really enjoyed writing this but wanted to leave a twist at the end. 


5 thoughts on “Footprints Left In The Dirt

  1. This was so beautiful. I wasn’t expecting it to be as powerful since it was so short. But, wow, I just got transported to that town and felt like I could see and hear so many sounds! Excellent job, T.R!

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