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In Your First Book Talk About Your Second Book

It probably helps to know ahead of time that you plan to make your story a series. But once you have decided that be aware. 

Guys, I reached Ch. 20!

I have been struggling with feeling behind on a lot of things in the past few months. Blog reading. Test reading (which I did catch up on). Keeping up with household chores. Routine. It was a lot.

I didn’t realize how much routine is needed for us to be consistent and having some down days certainly did not help.

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Well, despite the struggle, I’ve been working slowly on getting back and being more productive.

This month I’ve been part of Camp NaNoWriMo and I used it as the perfect opportunity to get ahead in writing and to start up a habit. Friday night I reached Ch. 20!

This is the chapter that once written and gone through, I’ll send my test readers Ch. 11-15. It’s really exciting!

Ch. 20 has also made me aware of some really interesting points I can start to share a bit with the reader…that actually pertain to book two.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 3.42.55 PM.png

Which made me start thinking of how important it is if we are writing a series to begin to set up the next book. Get the reader curious and involved in potential characters or plots. If anything, at least try to point out somethings that will be brought up later.

My test readers have been wanting to know a lot, and I’m delighted to hear this because there is a lot to give.

Unfortunately for them, I cannot give it all at once.

All of the information is too much to bear, therefore, I need to give bite-sized pieces.

This is why “snippets” or “previews” of what is to come through new characters, issues that are lightly touched on, unanswered questions, etc can be really helpful for you and your reader.

It allows some information to be shared without too much. In hopes by the time your reader gets to the next book, they will already be familiar with some of this information. The interest is already there.

Don’t worry about not knowing how to slip in these tidbits. In Ch. 20, it happened randomly. I saw a connection and I went with it. Editing also helps, especially once you have more story written or the entire book.  Sometimes even the authors have to learn more of the story to connect the dots.

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Do you struggle with this? Do you enjoy throwing your readers “previews” of what is to come or what will not be answered in your book?

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