We Want The Snow But…

We don’t want the ice

that’s slick and slippery.

We don’t want the cold,

not in February.


Soft flakes cascading

in a stream snow shower.

But not the deep,

needing salt or plower.


We want the beauty

of white-capped trees.

But not the length

trudging past our knees.


We want the warmth

of a cozy home.

Not reminded of those

living the streets alone.


We want and want

and still complain.

Sunshine means heat

and clouds the rain.


It never ends, this endless game.

Our ungrateful hearts desire more

bitterness seeps through

our invited door.


We want the snow,

but not the implications.

The way we want life

and only celebrations.

Comment Below:
Do you like the snow?
What is your favorite season?

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4 thoughts on “We Want The Snow But…

    1. ❤ you're one of the few. 🙂 Having s perspective of everything is wonderful.

      I really do like fresh falling snow but recently my heart has been hurting for those who are affected by the cold. I'm grateful for the beauty but it has pushed me to work on praying more for others and not take heat for granted. Currently, the lowest it will hit today is -40.

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