Winter Depression | Collab

Today is a collab with fellow blogger, Athena. We both decided to write poems based on inspiring and encouraging others.

You can check out her poem here and her blog here.

I thought with it being winter that it meant be helpful to have a poem that touches on the darkness of winter depression but focuses on getting through it ❤ 

Winter’s Depression

Weary one

who cannot lift her hand.

I implore you further.

Than what you once knew before.


The skies may be darkened.

The clouds worn and painted grays.

But step a little forward

and walk a little ways.


Spring can be the heart.

Thoughts a waterfall.

Imagination your garden.

Music your bird’s call.


This season is but a season.


In the blink of an eye,

it will happen quickly.

A summery’s ray

will greet you gently.


Hold on until then.

Lift up until you’re whole.

For sunshine awaits the blossom

of your weak and weary soul.

Comment Below:
Do you feel depressed or in a fog during winter? What do you do to get out of it?

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