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Swamp Thing | Stories Inspired By Life

Had I really gone that long without washing my hair? My hands limply lift up strands of my straight brown hair, which due to its natural oiliness, looked extremely dark brown.

“Did you dye your hair,” my friend once asked me after meeting me shortly after a day of shampooing.

“Nope,” I smile with a mixed feeling of pride I could pull off two hair colors and embarrassment it was that noticeable the day prior.

Staring back at the mirror, I grimace at the stranger I did not wish to know.

Swamp Thing. 

An appearance that crept over me as the days went on.

Settling myself back at the kitchen table, my husband walked by jokingly lifting up my hair and saying, “Dear, what is this?”

If I was dramatic I would say one word, but alas, it must be two.

Swamp Thing. 

“I know, I know,” I laugh off, but a hint of snarl awaited the back of my throat if he pressed it the issue once more. He didn’t, wise man. 

Swamp Thing was getting to me.

It had become an identity almost overnight.

“This is your fault,” I whispered while my fingers tapped away at the keys, and my stomach growled for the sixth hour in a row.

Write. Schedule. Repeat.

“I think I’ve finally figured out a schedule,” I gleefully say in my mind as I message it to my friend.

The plan was to spend one day working on a week’s worth of posts. With the goal of giving time to the book series.

Write. Schedule. Repeat.

Stomach growl.

Swamp Thing had returned.

And my writing spirit along with it.

Hours later I finish this with freshly shampooed hair, a new set of clothes, and a sense of hope in my heart. Priorities have been set. Self-care may be slightly lost at times but should return.

However, be wary those who walk in front of the path of…


Missed posting on here and thought I’d like to have more creative pieces. 

Comment Below:
Do you get lost in writing and forego self-care sometimes?

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12 thoughts on “Swamp Thing | Stories Inspired By Life

  1. I find that I often forego eating and push my bodily functions to the limit when I’m in the moment. It’s definitely not healthy, and is often the source of migraines, I think. But what can I do? If I get up to eat or drink or other, the thoughts I had will vanish. Won’t they?

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  2. There is a school of thought that argues too much washing dries out the natural oils. (Leastways, that’s my excuse for not bathing my dogs too often). My hair used to be oily once, but everything dries up after 60 – including inspiration for those blog posts.:(.

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    1. I’ve experienced when I transitioned on not washing my hair every day it did adapt to not being as oily. As for dogs, it is said most dogs do not need bathed often so I’d say you’re on the right path!

      I think inspiration can be difficult sometimes but that gives an opportunity to find it in an unexpected way 🙂

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  3. Lol!! I enjoyed this so much!! 😂😂😂

    While you have the Swamp Thing, I have the Beast of Blackmoor that comes out when I get lost in writing for prolonged periods of time. My stomach growls, protesting the lack of food. The other day, Jack fuzzed up at this beast when it started its growling. 🤣🤣🤣

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