Community Headlines | October’18

Fall is falling around us. Here are some posts I’ve enjoyed this month.

Running The RaceMigraine Chronicles: A Pragmatic Approach To Pain– Heather shares a wonderful solution when it comes to dealing with pain. She discusses the importance of making a pain scale and sticking with it.

Your Mercies NewBaby Trees– This post is all about gardening! Holly shares how she has made some additions to her garden, and my goodness are they lovely!!!

Dreaming Of Guatemala25 Fall Blog Post Ideas– Maggie shares some amazing post ideas for fall. I should look into this and maybe come up with ideas of my own. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration, Maggie!

Staying Hydrated- My 5 Tips- Maggie shares some really easy suggestions on ways to manage water intake and how to work on drinking more water.

Showers Of GraceOne Of Those Days– This is for all moms. Grace paints a picture of reality for moms. Early mornings, no time for self, and guilt. If you need a reminder as a mom, this is for you.

Love. Joy. Balance.Wholesome Wednesday Foodie – This post is packed with some nice recipes. If you are a foodie, if you enjoy recipes, check this out.

Know What Your Calling Is.Don't Give Up.Don't Stop.And Keep Peeking Beneath.


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