5 Rules I’ve Broken As A Blogger

Some of these rules I’ve set for myself, but you do not necessarily have to follow them. 

Keeping The Same Font- I seriously made such a big deal, to myself at least, about trying to stick to the same font. See I’m Trying | My Font Story for further embarrassment. I know the blah blahs of keeping uniform and I still have a font I use for both blogs. However, I’ve totally played more the past month or so with using different fonts in the feature images. The main uniform theme, however, that these fonts do share is that I want the fonts to be easy to read.

I really enjoyed using flowy somewhat script-like font, but honestly, and I had to admit to myself, I needed to make sure my readers could read my titles. I’ve been working on making it about the people I’m trying to reach and what might speak to them versus things I may like, including aesthetics. This does not mean I’m not writing about things that don’t matter to me, that’s completely separate. But everything I do I really want to be focused on who I am trying to reach. Things need to be easy to read. Fonts being “pretty”… its just another form of vanity and I personally want to work on that.

Keeping Schedule–  I wanted desperately to find a schedule that worked for me, especially with this blog. My main one had a particular schedule for the longest time and I’m more open now. But this one I went through series after series trying to find something that would work. But every time I did that it felt tedious. By no means is having a schedule required. It helps with writing consistently and gives our audience some idea of what to expect, but some blogs it just does not work. My “schedule” now is maintaining a set amount of blog posts. That’s it. Keeping a “looser” schedule and writing on a topic on some days is as close as I get now, and even then it’s debatable.

Keeping Series– There have been some series I thought I would keep and maintain consistently a lot longer. One Country At A Time...that one I really wanted to do more. In that case, it was so much research and extremely informative. Originally, I planned to share some few facts about countries, but then it seemed readers were wanting to know more in-depth information I was not prepared for. In other cases, I get bored easily, admittedly. I’ve learned and accepted some series can appear sporadically, and some…may never return again.

Promoting My Blog– I always encourage people NOT to leave comments asking bloggers to check out their blog. Those kinds of comments appear to be very self-focused. If we are going to comment, we need to respond to the actual post. When bloggers see that others care and come back consistently you have higher chances of naturally people checking out your blog. What I struggled with in the beginning was always leaving my link at the bottom of my comments. This is a personal choice of mine, so if you do this, that’s okay! But I felt like I always needed to promote my blog link when the truth is, it’s easy for people to click on our name and then get redirected to our blog.

It took me two months shy of a year from when I started my first blog that I started getting involved in the community. This is the easiest and most natural way to promote yourself and your writing without being pushy asking people to check out your blog. Follow blogs, read and comment consistently. That’s the best way for people to get to know you, through commenting. If you do not have the time, find a time block during the week you can devote to others. Even if it is one day a week.

In regards to social media, I was not always doing this enough. Of course, I had some fears of certain posts and how people would react. In other circumstances, I had not connected my socials like Facebook and Twitter to this blog. On Pinterest, and I’m working on this as I shared in 5 Things I Was Doing Wrong On Pinterest, I was not using proper graphics and joining other blogging boards to help get my blogs out there.

Breaking Routine– This is a little similar to the schedule, but as you may have guessed from previous rules I gave myself…I struggled to break routines that did not work for me. I seriously thought if I broke schedule, a series, or anything I had started to make a routine for myself I failed. I struggled accepting I could take breaks. From December 2016-March 2017 I was burnt out, and lately I’ve been burnt out as well. I used to write about 12 posts weekly (both blogs combined) and I write now about 6 per week (both combined).

I think the hardest part is when readers try to make suggestions for you to keep doing something you clearly want to give up. But that’s when we have to decide why we are doing something.


8 thoughts on “5 Rules I’ve Broken As A Blogger

  1. Follow blogs, read and comment consistently. — This is the best advice for growing a blog. I think some people just don’t want to accept that they’re not rockstars and they’re going to have to put in work to gain readers, haha.

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  2. I think it is is important, what you said at the end, about facing why we are doing something before we continue to do it. Serving our readers is obviously the most important thing, but we cannot serve them well if we aren’t also true to ourselves in our writing. Thank you for your honesty and for your suggestions. I think I need to give myself a little grace in some of these areas, as well.

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    1. I hope you do! It’s hard to get wrapped up in the wrong things and focusing too much on pleasing our audience can be hard. But we also need to be aware if we are focused on our audience or focused on the number too. *Currently writing a post that comes out next week on things to focus on instead of stats, so the idea is still very fresh. 🙂 If we are writing for Christ, it is important we write what He wants us to write first, and then serve our audience. ❤

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  3. This is really solid advice. Burn out is so very real, and even when you’re doing something you love, you still can feel that pull to take a moment to breathe. When it goes from being a joy to a chore, something is wrong.

    I am going to have a look at your Pinterest post as well. I’ve never had social media and find that promoting my blog through these avenues is tough for me. Guess I’ll have to learn 🙂

    Thanks for being an inspiration and for sharing nothing less than stellar articles for us to read. You’re awesome.

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