5 Calming And Beautiful Food Videos | YouTube Finds

I’m glad I’m not alone in the world of appreciating food. It can be a great time for people to relax, discuss, and be thankful for what we are given. Today is not a recipe, but it is about food. 😀

Today’s videos, aside one, are instrumental. If you need to kick back and have something in the background while you sip your favorite beverage, maybe color, crochet, knit, read, or whatever else you want to calm down to, a face mask even, these videos hopefully help you relax.

10 Minute Cakes- Amazing Chocolate Cakes Decorating– Some amazing cake decorating!! There are some songs with vocals.

Manuela Kjeilen– Swedish Princess Cakes– These little cakes are so delicate, the music is positive, light, and up beat. Some really nice designs!

Yuni Sweets- How To Make Flora Design RollCake– If you want a longer video, this one is almost 25 minutes, you may enjoy this one. A lot of creativity.

MC FOUTDrawings Of Cakes– These are also amazing pieces of art and it is so cool to watch being done!

Awesome World- Satisfying Videos And ComplicationsMost Satisfying Food Videos– I think the title explains itself. If you like these kinds of videos this one is a good one!

I hope you enjoy these videos and find time to relax!!!

Know What Your Calling Is.Don't Give Up.Don't Stop.And Keep Peeking Beneath.

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