Community Spotlight | July ’18

Can’t believe July is over! Wow!

Here are some posts I enjoyed in July. This is not meant to make anyone feel they need to be on this list. 

SheliaDo Laundry Almost Free – Really enjoyed this post. I learned a lot about the uses of soap nuts for washing clothes.

Authoring ArrowheadsLessons Learned In Book Marketing– Allyson shares some awesome tips when going the self-publishing route.

Create. In. MePuppy + Sprinkler – Faye is an amazing photographer! Plus, she has an adorable dog named Greg. These photos just made me really happy to see him play with a sprinkler. If you enjoy photography and dogs, check this out.

Fractured Faith BlogWhy Do Good Blogs Go Bad– This post focuses on things bloggers struggle with. Blogging is no joke. It takes consistent effort. If you are struggling, keep going! That’s the message here.

The Buttercup LambFrugal Vs. Poor– Rachel wrote a post sharing the differences between being poor and being frugal. It was both informative and helpful.

Retrospective LilyRandom Blogging Tips– Lily shared some awesome tips on blogging, and I know we all could use tips. 🙂 My favorite was her suggestion to really focus on the comment section, check out the post to see why.

A Southern Belle With Stories To TellJokes Every Writer Blogger Will Understand– Penny created an assortment of memes that are hilarious and truly relatable to the writing and blogging world.

How has your month been? 

Know What Your Calling Is.Don't Give Up.Don't Stop.And Keep Peeking Beneath.

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14 thoughts on “Community Spotlight | July ’18

  1. I am a bit late but wanted to say thank-you for including my post. I love it when you share others work. It’s so cool to check out other bloggers that I might not have found on my own. Even though I’m not a writer per say I loved Penny’s post 😄

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    1. Haha, Penny’s post was awesome!!! Made me laugh so hard! You are so welcome, Rachel!! Many people have said that the posts have helped them find other posts and bloggers they would not have found before. What a blessing to know ❤

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