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5 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Blogger

I always enjoy these posts and I know a number of you do as well. 🙂 I hope these are helpful!! I definitely know they could have helped me when I started.

Are You Blogging Only To Make Money?

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You know I have to talk about this 😉

I have gotten a handful of emails from bloggers, and most of them have to do with blogging help. Which, thanks to this blog especially, I can easily direct people to my blogging help page that has posts on blogging, this post will be added soon.

But unfortunately, one question I can’t help bloggers with, to their dismay, has to do with making money. A lot of people who start blogging do it because they want to make money. Writing is not a priority it is second or third. And of course, these people want instant cash…not something that you invest over time and could make a career out of.

From what I’ve read, ads really do not pay much, and as I shared in another post they can be really distracting to readers, and turn away readers. I may come to a blog one time, and be turned away because of all the ads slowing down the site.

If you are going to be a successful blogger you need a community. 

We can get nowhere as a writer or blogger without that community supporting us. Keep that in mind. 

Have A Plan/Know What You Are Doing 

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There was at least one if not two emails in which people SPENT money on plans, buying their website/blog and then proceeded to ask me for help because they did not know what to do.

My first piece of advice was useless at this point.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING UNTIL YOU KNOW AND HAVE RESEARCHED WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! Know your pros and cons. Read articles and/or watch YouTube videos on tutorials that cover what you are thinking about doing. Do not buy into “make money quickly by blogging” without knowing the truth, and knowing you are in control.

Why Do You Want To Blog & How Passionate Are You About It?

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Blogging for money is not going to get us far. Blogging with a purpose (not money) and a goal will. I’m sure there are some very artifical bloggers and writers who are playing the system and their readers.

But overall, truthfully, what do you want to accomplish with your writing?

I see people begin blogs, become upset no one reads them, and they give up. “No one,” can in fact refer to a number of followers, just not the number WE want…which then makes our readers kinda feel like they are not enough, and that’s not fair because we would get no where without our readers. 

I had a talk with a friend who wanted to blog because she enjoyed writing. But she was worried about people not reading her work. There were a couple of issues she had, she could have easily fixed, if she wanted.

One- Blog more often and consistently with a purpose for each post- Sometimes people treat blogging as a personal diary, and you can do this. However, it can get confusing to readers if you are constantly changing styles in how you write. A lot of people write for selfish reasons, and not to actually benefit someone else. I’ve noticed that the more writers write for others, and make the content relatable, the more likely people will become involved because the blog is not so isolating in topic.

Two- Reach Out To The Community– We can’t get upset about others not knowing about our blog, when people do not even know we exist. We need to reach out to bloggers who write similar topics and/or topics we are interested in. We are entitled to nothing as a writer/blogger. It is our job to get our work out there, and for people to know it is available.

Are You Willing To Grow Without Your Hand Being Held

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This may sound a little harsh especially coming from me because I do try to help other bloggers as much as I can. But what I want you to understand is that in order for you to grow as blogger and as a writer, you are going to have to do this stuff on your own.

Meaning give yourself time to research, to get to know what resources are avilable to you, and play around with that.

Asking for help is TOTALLY okay, but at the end of the day you have to be the one to use the advice and the tools you are given. Be willing to make mistakes. Be understanding that most of this will not click for you overnight. Do not be afraid to adapt and change your blog or writing as time goes on. We are not perfect, and we should always keep becoming better.

If we are too stubborn to admit we need to take the time to become better, we will never grow.

Are You Patient & What Is Sucess To You 

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You may be able to make money with blogging. You may have a larger following. But this takes time. If you are using this blog as a portofolio for your writing, that takes time as well.

We live in a world that clings to entitlement and instant success stories. But we do not want to focus on the time, tears, and devotion to what it takes to get to that point.

You may have a lot of success and accomplishments in the eyes of others. Yet, beating yourself down constantly because you are not where your goals are at won’t help. In order to reach the big mountain of a milestone, you have to start first with the first steps of the path that takes you there. 

Start walking.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you 🙂 

If you need resource help…

Check out the blogging page for all of this 🙂

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